Thursday, March 10, 2011

The switcheroo

Well, today I did something I've been thinking about for awhile.  I'm calling it the switcheroo.

Are you intrigued?  It sounds like some kind of sneaky double cross thing....unfortunately, my life is way too boring...

So, before I build this up anymore only to let you down with a roll of your eyes...the switcheroo happened in the girl's rooms.  When we moved here, Maddie got the biggest room because of all the "stuff" she, books, clothes, stuff...  Bella was a wee baby and didn't need much space anyhow...

But, ever since Madmad McGee and the trouble she's been in...all the toys were removed from her room and I created a playroom downstairs...but its a small playroom for two girls of such drastic different ages...because they don't really play much with the same toys.  Plus...when we are home during the day and I need to be upstairs there is nothing up there for Bella to she gets into my clothes and shoes and drawers and before you know my "drawers" (quite literally) are strung from one end of the house to the other.

SO...I switched the girl's rooms and now Maddie has the cozy littler room...and Bella has the larger room where I'll be creating her own little playspace.  I'm quite excited about it.  Both rooms look really good.  It makes more sense so that we can best use all the nooks and crannies in our little house.  Both girls like their new rooms and with just a few more touches they will be perfect.

Maddie's room needs paint and decor and a desk.  Paint, because right now there is a large, Isabella painted on her wall.  She loves her sister, but I don't think she wants her name painted on her wall. 

As for decor...I just got a little note from her grandma that she's shipping me some wall decals.  I had picked them out for her new room and grandma was looking for something for Maddie's birthday...these will be perfect!

And I'll be looking for a desk for her on the yard sale site...she is getting to that age where she wants to sit at a desk and do homework and craft and write letters... **sigh** She's growing up so fast!  I know I complain sometimes, but I'm gonna miss that "little girl."

Bella's room also needs some paint and I ordered her wall decals as well...

I'll be moving some of the toys up from the playroom so she has something to do while I handle incredibly important homemaker shower.

And last, but not least...I changed her bed from a crib to a big girl bed.  **sniff sniff**

She was SOOOOO excited that she played in her bed all day long.  She read stories to her stuffies, pretended to sleep, got some barbies in was a regular all-day slumber party.  She even dressed up for the occassion...yes, those are her swimsuit bottoms over her pants...yes, they are on backwards.  The scarf is from it was a shawl, head wrap, baby blanket, skirt, tent and trampoline. 

Love the imagination.

Me, well I smiled and laughed and tried not to burst into tears at what a big girl she is.  She wanted to tell Daddy about it so we made this video... 

P.S.  I just checked on her and she's sound asleep in her big girl bed.

A successful switcheroo day.


The Hannant Family said...

too cute. I have thought many times about taking all the toys out of Sydney's room too, since she won't keep it clean.

Side note, abby has a swim suit with the same print on it. Same same I tell ya. I hope they enjoy their new rooms, and good on you for getting it done. I have 4 baby blankets to make and I'm trying to get the motivation. Total slacker since 2 of the babies are already here.

Lipstick, Uniforms and bare feet....The Tremblays said...

Her video was so cute! :) I love the bedroom ideas! I have 2 girls. Team PINK is so fun! :)
I'm a Military Spouse to! I'm going to follow you.

Christy said...

Oh my goodness beyond cute and heart-rending sweet and momentous! I'll skip all the other things I could say and just comment on how I cannot believe how long her hair is! It's spectacularly beautiful, true locks of spun gold. My heart aches at how grown up she seems for a second as she determinedly and with experience brushes those locks away from each side of her face after she settles into her new bed. :} Many hugs to you both!