Thursday, March 24, 2011


You know that you love someone when they are 2 years old and sneeze all over your lunch and you laugh about it instead of freaking out...

**Grossness alert**

This truly happened today and no, it wasn't just a small 2 year old toddler was the loud, I've been sick for the past week and still have a bunch of snot up my nose that I'm going to shoot out all over mama's lunch plate sneeze.

It was truly disgusting.

And it made me laugh really hard.

And then I ditched my pasta in the garbage can because it was truly unsalvageable...and had salad for lunch. 


Just a Girl said...

I know that you are super busy and a lot is going on however, I look forward to reading everyday. Please post some more. (It is one of the things that makes me truly happy) Love Beth

Chuckleheads said...

Well, when you put it that way, Beth. I can't very well ruin your happiness. :) MWAH!