Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Urban Ninja

Funniest thing I've seen in a long time. If only I'd known this profession was an option. :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I love hockey. I've always loved hockey. My first experience with it was with my friend Jody Knisple and her grandmother. Her grandmother was a big fan. I probably went to 10 games with them in my preteen years. After that Jody and I didn't hang out much anymore...different friends, different interests, but I always still had a place in my heart for hockey.

Especially the fighting.

So, fast forward to meeting Mr. Chucklehead. Guess who is a hockey fan? He gets press passes through his photography business. What a great **free** way to spend an evening!

Saturday night it was the Hawks against the Seattle Thunderbirds. The Hawks played TERRIBLE...all except one player - White - #34. He stopped 66 successive shots on goal. That should tell you two things...

1. The defense was awful to allow 66 shots on goal and,
2. Jordan White was a one man show.

Yes - White broke the record for most blocked shots on goal. Yeah #34! It was a terribly exciting game...and they had at least two spectacular fights.

There is just something about a couple of hockey players throwing off their gloves, taking off their helmets and beating each other up. I think it plays to my aggressive competitive side.

Tonight the gme was not so hot. They lost again...against the Vancouver Giants...7 to 2.

There wasn't even a good fight.

Oh well - the next game is Friday night against Tri-City. They are good. Really good. Its also cancer awareness night - they are turning the ice PINK.

If you can't win you might as well have pink ice. Go HAWKS!