Monday, March 31, 2008

I need a new t-shirt

The t-shirt would say on it...

"I survived Spring Break at the chucklehead house!"

seriously....and I wasn't even around the kids for the past 3 days. I sent them all packing with Mr. C to eastern Washington for his grandfather's 90th birthday party.

I stayed home and got over this awful cold. Its finally almost gone.

What a crazy last 10 days, though! I think they should have spring break closer to the time that school bonds are passed. Then parents would remember why they want their kids in school for longer. I'd pay for a few extra days. :)

Just kidding. I'm being just a tiny bit facetious...but not about the t-shirt.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sore throats

I had an icky sore throat yesterday...clogged sinus passages and just a general feeling of yuck. I'm always nervous about sore throats because as a kid it was an annual event for me to get strep throat even though I haven't had a case of it since college - 15 years ago!

I made Mr. C check my tonsils. His diagnosis, "Yep, they look red and swollen, but not strep."

So, I drank some Theraflu (my favorite sick medicine) before bed and got a good nights sleep and was up by 7:30AM.

So far today the sore throat has stayed away and I just seem to be plagued by a stuffy nose. It makes me want to sing a song....

"Snotty nose go away
I really want to play
This weekend is grandpa P's birthday
He'll be 90 on Sunday."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MySpace Ridiculousness

It came to my attention yesterday that Cruella Deville has "stolen" a photo of me from our family MySpace page and posted it on hers under the title, "People who don't want their photos on my MySpace page."

She also posted one of Mr. C with his kids.

We're the only two photos under that album...I suppose I could be flattered that she is so obsessed with me that she felt the need to post my picture on her page. But really, could you be any more JUNIOR HIGH in your approach to an ex-relationship?

If I was vindictive I think I could probably find a really nasty one in the old photos that Mr. C has and post that on mine, but I'm going to be the bigger person.

Instead I reported her to MySpace for cyberharassment and unauthorized use of photos. HAHAHA.

Ok...maybe not the most mature, but I at least made it to HIGH SCHOOL.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

What a beautiful (rainy) Easter we had. Believe it or not...all three kids - Gag, Chortle and Little Giggle were with us yesterday. We got to see family and friends. Had dinner with Miss Barbara and played with her sweet puppy Cocoa...the kids ended up hiding dog treats in easter eggs to see if she could find them (suggestion from Grandpa Johnnie and a good one at that!)

It really struck me yesterday how little familiarity Chortle and LG have with religion in general. Mr. C and I do what we can in the 4 days per month we see them but yesterday at church there was quite a bit of confusion from both Chortle and Little Giggle about what it meant that Jesus was Risen.

The kids got jellybean packets with a bookmark that was the "jellybean prayer." Chortle was stressed out about eating the speckled jellybeans because they represented sin...and he didn't want to eat sin. While Lil' Giggle couldn't understand why Jesus didn't "beat up" the Jews (since he is all powerful) when they crucified him...followed by Chortle asking if we could have Jews as friends now... (AIYA!)

All in all, we got a basic understanding down and Maddie drew this great picture of Jesus on the cross and Jesus rising from the dead (see the big smile!). Mr. C and I will be working on religion a little more closely for these kids...starting with a little Family Home Evening tonight on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Kind of a big topic to cover in 20 minutes. :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Screamed myself hoarse

WE WON! Oh was the most exciting game of the entire season. They finished last in the league and actually had a 22 game LOSING streak and then the very last game of the season we see the amazing behind the back shot made my our very own king of the ice...Matt Schmermund.

Not only did they win the 1st place team in the league on their last game, but they won it in overtime during a shoot out with a behind the back shot. Now you can understand the scream myself hoarse!

Matt Schmermund...for any of you dumb humor lovers out there...perhaps you don't understand the significance of the name, but if you've ever seen Zoolander...just roll the name schmermund off your tongue the same way Zoolander says, "Mer-MAN...Mer-MAN!"


It was green ice night in honor of St. Patricks day. Thus the green tinge to the below photos. We took nephew Nick with us and had a marvy time. I'm sad that we won't be around to cheer the Winterhawks on next year.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pinch me...its real.

Mr. Chucklehead

Its true...I know...I know...we've been waiting almost a year for the Army to finally get their "shtuff" in order and its finally happened.

Today he was given his oath of office, entered the Active Duty Reserves and now awaits appointment to the class in Ft. Huachuca, AZ.

We immediately booked tickets to AZ in April to go visit and scout out the location. Now I have to pack, clean, sort, organize. Gaaaah. Please remind me that I am happy about this when I'm stressed out from the work it takes to move a household.

Really...the most important thing I want you to know is that I am SO PROUD of my soldier.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cruella has a boyfriend.

As much as I hate it, I find myself drawn to the drama created in my life by Cruella DeVille. The newest installment includes her very very friendly attitude toward Mr. Chucklehead and myself.

I knew something was up when she invited us INTO HER HOUSE.

The woman who tried to run me over with her car and swore she would slit my throat if she ever caught me out on a dark night alone wanted us to enter her domain like old friends? She even specifically said, "You can bring her in with you."

Now, granted she didn't utter these words directly to us. She relayed them through a female friend she had over at her house. Mr. Chucklehead had known this friend for awhile...maybe this was a showing of good will and friendship just for the benefit of the friend? (No, I can take nothing for granted...not even an offer of kindness when it comes to Cruella.)


We refused, of would have set a precedence of me having to invite her into my house...Heaven forbid I ever have to have that kind of discomfort in my life and besides...I'm much too shallow right now for that kind of test of character... Can you imagine?

"Cruella - would you like a glass of water or tea?" (muwahaha...I can spit in this if I want.) "Sure, Cruella you can use my bathroom." (She's probably snooping in my medicine much of her purse can I look through before she gets back?)

Yes, I admit it...she brings out the very worst in me....that sordid fascination with who this woman is...why Mr. Chucklehead was married to her for so long...How did she become such a huge part of MY LIFE??? (although...I don't think I would really go through her purse...I'd be much too nervous she'd catch me.)

Then, the answer to our unspoken question comes...

Cruella has a boyfriend.

Dating 2 months...she thinks it serious. Wanted us to know since he'll be spending a lot of time with the kids.

Praise the Lord. She's got a boyfriend. Dare I hope the drama will stop for awhile?