Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We officially have...

Oh, I'm such a bad blogger these days.  I've been focusing on so much other stuff that I've let Chuckleheads fall by the wayside.

But there are major milestones that just simply have to be recorded!

1.  We have a walker!  Jaxxy boy is not officially walking more than he is crawling.  It happened just the past two days.  He's been occassionally toddling along but preferring the faster crawling method...then yesterday he started walking on his own...catching his balance and getting up when he'd fall to try walking again...

And today I can't stop him.  He's a walker!

2.  We have passed the 6 month mark for deployement!  As of about July 24th we are on our way back DOWN the hill.  Woohoo!  Three more months before leave and then three months before he's home for good.  Hallelujah!

3.I have lost 36 pounds!  Woot!  Pretty proud of myself.  I restarted (again) the C25K and instead of doing the program as is...decided to do each week twice in an attempt to really be able to keep up with it and the run times it eventually gets to.

Well, can I just pat myself on the back and say...Last Saturday I ran TWO miles without stopping.  Thats right...me...running...two...miles.  I couldn't even run 30 seconds without heaving for breath 8 weeks ago when I started this. 

I also am taking a zumba class 2X a week.  I. Love. It.  And my teacher...holy booty shake queen!  This girl can move like nobody I've ever seen.  Except for maybe my mom on her new jiggle jiggle machine.  ha ha ha.

So thats where we are unless you want to hear more about my house that needs a good clean.  (next on my priority list if you can't tell.)