About the Chuckleheads

I'm Anna...also known as Mrs. Chucklehead.  I'm a 30-something (at least for a few more months) Army wife, mother and stepmother.  I always wanted to be smoky and mysterious, but mostly people call me sensible and practical.  At the very least I'm sassy.  Got that world?  Sassy!   And yes...thats what the photo shows...Sass.  Actually I just wanted to see what I looked like when I wink. 

As you can see I look ridiculous. 

I love to write and started a blog because I like to let the vast world wide web listen in on our exciting lives.  You KNOW its true.  The exciting part.  Whatever.


John...aka Mr. Chucklehead or "Chief" is the love of my life.  He's off to Afghanistan again for 2013 and we miss him terribly.  Army life has created some good ups and serious downs in our lives.  He is the dreamer and I am the thinker.  He is the spender and I am the saver.  We go together like oil and water on occasion and yet somehow this just keeps on working... 


My girl... Isabella (Bella)
Bella is a 4-yr old smarty pants.  She goes to preschool, eats constantly and loves to play outside and on the computer.  She has the greatest personality...funny, giggly, occasionally grumpy and isn't afraid to show it.
She's inherited my temper and her daddy's charm. 

Its quite the combination.

My boy... John Xavier (Jax)
Baby Jax is now 8  months old and the happiest baby you will ever meet.  Seriously.  The kid smiles when he cries....which isn't very often.  He has all three of us wrapped around his little finger.  We are at his beck and call for toys, tickles, bathtime (his favorite!) and bottles. 

He has the sweetest smile.

My Stepkids... Occassionally you may hear about my stepkids...these three live with their mom...  We are "getting along*" the best way we can.  I leave most of these happenings to the handling of and discretion of their dad.