Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is it any wonder?

Yours truly got the distinguished award of being Portland, Oregon's number 1 New Kids on the Block fan....

OK...truth be told...I was co-awarded this great honor along with my best friend from high school Miss Athena because we created a huge NKOTB Newspaper for a contest the Z100 Radio Station was having.

Most of you know that I was an especially dedicated fan to Mr. Donnie Wahlberg...(be still my beating heart) Yes, I am talking about the older Wahlberg boy...not Marky Mark, the Calvin Klein undies model (although Marky certainly does hold his own certain "appeal" in YUMMY), but the man of my teen dreams was Donnie...the "bad boy" of the hottest boy band ever.

I was just looking through some old photos and had to it any wonder I fell for the man I did?

What do you think?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Its all about strategery.

So they say McCain either just killed his presidential campaign or made a bold move that will win it for him. I had never hear of Ms Palin from Alaska until I thought I'd find out just a little about her before making my mind up what I think...

From Time News...just a little info on the republican ticket VP...

-Palin is the first woman on a Republican ticket (Do I smell Hillary voter appeal?)
-She's a fresh face to counteract Obama's message of change
-She's about as far outside the Beltway as you can get (Alaska is its own beltway)
-A child of the middle class with a friendly face and big hair, she is so affable that she once won Miss Congeniality in a beauty pageant. (and she has a "dishy" husband.)
-Her son is about to deploy to Iraq. (Love a military family)
-She's an ice fisherman, a moose hunter, a small business owner and a lifetime NRA member. (Diverse interests...:))
-She's risen to power by battling corruption in her own state's Republican establishment, exposing misconduct by the state GOP chairman and challenging the incumbent GOP governor. (Go SHE-RA! Defender of good...fighter of evil)
-She's a committed Christian who's pro-life in practice as well as in theory; she recently gave birth to a son that she knew would have Down Syndrome. (A strong woman)

So far...I like her. I'm impressed with what I read and I'll be very very interested to watch the election coverage this year.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

If I lived in the old west...

I don't think I would have been a saloon girl.

I think I would have gone more for the cowgirl experience...riding and roping and shooting my 6-shooter.

Fitting my belly into that corset was pretty funny.


Oh dear fellow blog readers. If you live in a town that has recycling...rejoice!

After much trial and error I have learned that in Sierra Vista, AZ the only items that can be recycled are aluminum cans, magazines and newspapers.

No paper
No glass
No plastic

I remember a cartoon my mom sent me when I was in college of a mother standing outside her kitchen door. Two little boys are looking up at her and she says, "No, Billy. You can't play with Roger. His mother doesn't compost."

Having grown up in a composting-recycling family it just kills me to toss this stuff in the garbage knowing that its headed straight to a landfill.

Funny how important something like recycling is when you no longer have the option!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Those were the days...

And if you so desire check out these fab photos my sissy posted to wish me a happy birthday. I must say...where did those days when riding the lawn mower around the neighborhood was good fun go?

Happy Birthday to me!

I had such a great weekend. Saturday, I turned the big 3-5! It wasn't as traumatic as I thought becoming a mid-30's girl...probably because of this pregnancy. They refer to me as "old" all the time since the baby will be born after my 35th birthday so therefore I'm an "older" mom. **sigh** Something I'll have to get used to.

John planned a day in Old Tucson with a couple that we met here in Sierra Vista, John and Chris. They are both from Florida, going through the interrogator courses that my John is finishing up and just found out they are getting deployed in January to Iraq! That really messed up their wedding plans for next April so they have decided to get hitched in October in Vegas....Oh I wish I could go! :)

John and Chris practicing the "getting hitched" pose in Old Tucson.

Even though it was incredibly hot and sunny we spent most of the day walking around Old Tucson. This is where they filmed a lot of the old western movies...including the Three Amigos, which just happens to be a favorite of mine...

John and I demonstrating our three amigos hip thrust in front of the last remaining piece of the set...

We took a train ride, rode on the carousel, painted southwestern tiles, watched a stunt show, fed steers, took an old western photo, enjoyed the CanCan girls, ate BBQ and were exhausted by the afternoon. I really had a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Going Home!

I'm so excited to go home today. I have enjoyed Illinois. I spent some interesting time here in Urbana...they have a haunted hotel. I didn't stay in it, but some of my coworkers did the last time they did a round of seminars. Apparently a bride hung herself in the hotel on her wedding night and ever since then its been haunted. Spooky eh?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Laugh of the day...

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I couldn't help myself. It just made me giggle.

Sunrise in Illinois

I spent some time walking along the Illinois river...the Peoria Riverwalk last night. It was beautiful...very calming for my heart and soul.

Today I was out the door this morning driving to the next city by 6AM and had a chance to see the green fields folded in morning mist and an absolutely incredible sunrise...which brought back the peace of last nights riverwalk experience.

I couldn't help but start thinking about a Frederick George Scott poem that I've always loved....


O rising Sun, so fair and gay,
What are you bringing me, I pray,
Of sorrow or of joy to-day?

You look as if you meant to please,
Reclining in your gorgeous ease
Behind the bare-branched apple-trees.

The world is rich and bright, as though
The pillows where your head is low
Had lit the fields of driven snow.

The hoar-frost on the window turns
Into a wood of giant ferns
Where some great conflagration burns.

And all my children comes again
As lightsome and as free from stain
As those frost-pictures on the pane.

I would that I could mount on high
And meet you, Sun--that you and I
Had to ourselves the whole wide sky.

But here my poor soul has to stay,
So tell me, rising Sun, I pray,
What are you bringing me to-day?

What shall this busy brain have thought,
What shall these hands and feet have wrought,
What sorrows shall the hours have brought,

Before thy brilliant course is run,
Before this new-born day is done,
Before you set, O rising Sun?

Frederick George Scott

Monday, August 18, 2008

Peoria, IL

Today I leave for Peoria, IL. I am going for work purposes, but when going to a new city I like to get a feel for where it is I'm headed. Here is what I found out about Peoria...

1. National Geographic has named it the "next great American adventure town!"
2. They are big baseball fans...the Peoria Chiefs
3. They have a beautiful riverfront area and the carnival is going to be there the same time I am! :)
4. Weather right now is mid 80's with 60% humidity
5. Its the 1/2 way point between Chicago and St. Louis.
6. Named after the Peoria tribe
7. Headquarters for Caterpillar Inc
8. Famous natives include:
Gary Richrath — guitarist from REO Speedwagon
Richard Pryor — comedian and actor
Susan G. Komen — namesake of Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Wayne A. Downing — Four-star general in the United States Army
Curly "Boo" Johnson — Harlem Globetrotter
Dan "Too Tall" Knapp — Brother of former NBA player Manute Bol and owner of Taco Johns
9. Famous for the saying: "Will It Play In Peoria?" On the Vaudeville circuit, it was said that if an act would succeed in Peoria, it would work anywhere.

Friday, August 15, 2008

In shock

Well, we heard back and the announcement will be made today that our Oregon contract will not be renewed. I'm in total shock. They said they were extremely happy with what we provided...not displeased in any way and if they wanted to maintain the program as is they would have kept us.

Instead they decided it was time to try a different direction.

I have mixed emotions...shock, nervousness...I'm in much better shape than most of my Portland people...I transferred my work load to other projects because of my move with John, but everyone else is possibly out of a job come December. And who knows...after my maternity leave...will there still be work for me?

I really never ever in a million years thought that would happen. I don't think anyone else did either. My big boss was in disbelief. Of course the company gave us the party line about finding other work, maintaining the office, etc, but I think when reality sets in we'll see a few people beefing up their resume because I can't imagine they can keep all of us.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!


You filled my days with rainbow lights,
Fairytales and sweet dream nights,
A kiss to wipe away my tears,
Gingerbread to ease my fears.
You gave the gift of life to me
And then in love, you set me free.
I thank you for your tender care,
For deep warm hugs and being there.

I hope that when you think of me
A part of you
You'll always see....

- Author Unknown.

Frog Story

Yesterday during my lunch hour I took about 30 minutes and headed to the pool to get in a few laps and stretch my legs. I was just finishing up and cooling down with a couple of laps of breast stroke...I popped my head up and there in front of me...not even 2 ft away in the pool is a gigantic FROG.

Let me tell you that there is nothing quite as dramatic as having a frog in the pool with you unexpectedly. Luckily I was in shallow enough water to not nearly drown with what I'm sure anyone looking out their window would have found to be quite a series of arm flailing, leg kicking, body thrashing antics for a big ol' pregnant lady.

This frog was not a little froggie that you see in the pond. No, this frog was probably 7-8 inches long and 4-5 inches wide with its little peepers just hanging above the water line.

I got out of the pool and watched it for a bit...laughing out loud at the whole idea of a frog in the pool. (again...what must these pool neighbors think of this weird lady that swims every afternoon) then I grabbed my towel and ran home for the camera. Unfortunately, when I got back...the frog was gone so I cannot grace this story with actual footage of the incident.

But, its totally true. I promise it is.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FedEx came

I got in the mail today my shirt that I have to wear to my work stuff next week. Now, in my client's defense, they didn't know I was pregnant...but just to give you a taste of how incredibly uptight this client is about this event and these shirts...they had a 5-minute conversation in our last conference call about WHO IS BRINGING THE IRON FOR THE SHIRTS...

When I mentioned a hotel has an iron and ironing board they said, "WE CAN'T COUNT ON THEM WORKING PROPERLY." for some of you maybe this sounds normal? Being the domestic dimwit I am there is no such thing as an iron for shirts...unless the dryer is really ineffective with getting out the majority of the wrinkles and even then...I'd almost rather just have those clothes drycleaned...but I do occasionally turn on an iron when its needed for a work function...but entire hotel and we can't count on the iron working?

On top of that they tried to get the admin to be the one to iron ALL the shirts. I think her response was, "I don't do laundry." ha ha ha

That being said...I decided I better have them presend my shirt because the fearful thought of "what if this shirt doesn't fit me" hit me last week. My belly is the size of a soccer ball and these aren't polos...they are button ups.

Sure enough...I can button the shirt, but its stretched so tight across the belly there will be no need for an iron on my end. What to do....

1. Fess up to being pregnant and forwarn them that the shirt will be on the body, but not buttoned

2. Show up to the event and just surprise them with it

3. Claim the shirt was damaged and that I can't wear it

4. Put large iron burn right on the back and see if they ever buy shirts that require ironing again.

I like #4....but most likely will be action oriented with #2.

Can you believe I even have to spend 10 minutes worrying about this?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Catch Up

Just back in town from traveling and I'm just too tired to do much other than a brief catchup...

1. Hopefully I have a job in a week! Wen't back to Portland for the final interviews on our rebid. This is a 3-5 year contract which would be MARVELOUS. Have to head to Illinois next week and my boss wants me to go to Las Vegas this week...I'm just too tired. Too tired...

2. House if finally getting set up and unpacked. It will help for me to be home for a FULL WEEK with no travel. :) We made a goal...the Vets are picking up all our "excess" on Thursday. That gives me 4 days. :)

3. Court is over and we won some and lost some. That being least the new child support and visitation is being set and the judge thinks that me not being allowed to spend time with the kids is baloney. :) He also thinks they need to spend MORE time with their dad to combat their bad behavior. Hmmmm...go figure...and I have to say a small twinge of "muwahahahaha" came bubbling over.

Thats about it...back with more later...first Sierra Vista Doctor's appt today!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Internet from H-E-double hockeysticks

Just the other day I heard a story about an 80+ year old lady that had Cox cable, phone and internet service. She lived in the boonies with her husband and he was very ill so having a good phone connection was important in case she needed to call the ambulance.

Well, after 4-5 days of spotty service she went to her local Cox cable outlet and asked to speak to the manager. After making her wait nearly TWO hours the manager went home without speaking with her. So she went home and got a claw hammer and went back to the cable store and started smashing computers.

When they finally stopped her she yelled, "Do I have your attention now?"

Now my story...
For the past week I've had internet service go down for 3-5 hours every afternoon. The service techs were useless...the call to the local cable store was useless...

If my garage and our tools weren't still packed in boxes I think I'd be headed down there with a claw hammer.