Thursday, August 28, 2008


Oh dear fellow blog readers. If you live in a town that has recycling...rejoice!

After much trial and error I have learned that in Sierra Vista, AZ the only items that can be recycled are aluminum cans, magazines and newspapers.

No paper
No glass
No plastic

I remember a cartoon my mom sent me when I was in college of a mother standing outside her kitchen door. Two little boys are looking up at her and she says, "No, Billy. You can't play with Roger. His mother doesn't compost."

Having grown up in a composting-recycling family it just kills me to toss this stuff in the garbage knowing that its headed straight to a landfill.

Funny how important something like recycling is when you no longer have the option!

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LaDonnaMobile said...

I feel for ya! When I lived in NY, it was illegal to throw away recyclable materials, so I had lived years and years without every throwing away a bottle, can or cereal box. Then I move to Utah and everyone is just tossing all their crap into one garbage can . . . the first time I had to throw a piece of paper away I was scared . . . afraid the garbage man would turn us in (like the do in NY). 15 years later, though, I find I am tossing recyclables without even a smidgen of conscience, like all my neighbors do. It is SO sad, I know! But I *do* compost religiously . . . does that redeem me somewhat??