Friday, August 01, 2008

Internet from H-E-double hockeysticks

Just the other day I heard a story about an 80+ year old lady that had Cox cable, phone and internet service. She lived in the boonies with her husband and he was very ill so having a good phone connection was important in case she needed to call the ambulance.

Well, after 4-5 days of spotty service she went to her local Cox cable outlet and asked to speak to the manager. After making her wait nearly TWO hours the manager went home without speaking with her. So she went home and got a claw hammer and went back to the cable store and started smashing computers.

When they finally stopped her she yelled, "Do I have your attention now?"

Now my story...
For the past week I've had internet service go down for 3-5 hours every afternoon. The service techs were useless...the call to the local cable store was useless...

If my garage and our tools weren't still packed in boxes I think I'd be headed down there with a claw hammer.

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LaDonnaMobile said...

LOL--I'm going to be having "claw hammer fantasies" about my cell phone company and health insurance provider EVERY NIGHT now that I've read this post!