Friday, August 29, 2008

Its all about strategery.

So they say McCain either just killed his presidential campaign or made a bold move that will win it for him. I had never hear of Ms Palin from Alaska until I thought I'd find out just a little about her before making my mind up what I think...

From Time News...just a little info on the republican ticket VP...

-Palin is the first woman on a Republican ticket (Do I smell Hillary voter appeal?)
-She's a fresh face to counteract Obama's message of change
-She's about as far outside the Beltway as you can get (Alaska is its own beltway)
-A child of the middle class with a friendly face and big hair, she is so affable that she once won Miss Congeniality in a beauty pageant. (and she has a "dishy" husband.)
-Her son is about to deploy to Iraq. (Love a military family)
-She's an ice fisherman, a moose hunter, a small business owner and a lifetime NRA member. (Diverse interests...:))
-She's risen to power by battling corruption in her own state's Republican establishment, exposing misconduct by the state GOP chairman and challenging the incumbent GOP governor. (Go SHE-RA! Defender of good...fighter of evil)
-She's a committed Christian who's pro-life in practice as well as in theory; she recently gave birth to a son that she knew would have Down Syndrome. (A strong woman)

So far...I like her. I'm impressed with what I read and I'll be very very interested to watch the election coverage this year.

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LaDonnaMobile said...

I especially loved how she sold the governor's jet on e-bay after she was elected because she thought it was too wasteful. She sounds awesome!