Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I had such a great weekend. Saturday, I turned the big 3-5! It wasn't as traumatic as I thought becoming a mid-30's girl...probably because of this pregnancy. They refer to me as "old" all the time since the baby will be born after my 35th birthday so therefore I'm an "older" mom. **sigh** Something I'll have to get used to.

John planned a day in Old Tucson with a couple that we met here in Sierra Vista, John and Chris. They are both from Florida, going through the interrogator courses that my John is finishing up and just found out they are getting deployed in January to Iraq! That really messed up their wedding plans for next April so they have decided to get hitched in October in Vegas....Oh I wish I could go! :)

John and Chris practicing the "getting hitched" pose in Old Tucson.

Even though it was incredibly hot and sunny we spent most of the day walking around Old Tucson. This is where they filmed a lot of the old western movies...including the Three Amigos, which just happens to be a favorite of mine...

John and I demonstrating our three amigos hip thrust in front of the last remaining piece of the set...

We took a train ride, rode on the carousel, painted southwestern tiles, watched a stunt show, fed steers, took an old western photo, enjoyed the CanCan girls, ate BBQ and were exhausted by the afternoon. I really had a wonderful day!


Jen said...

Happy birthday (belated) cousin!!!Glad you had a great day!

LaDonnaMobile said...

Whatever! You don't even LOOK pregnant in these pictures, and you look like you're having too much fun! (this spoken by the woman stuck on the sofa and refusing to move because she is expecting) I must say, you rock.

Oh, any happy birthday--what a great way to celebrate!

(and now, thanks to you, I have "My Little Buttercup" stuck in my head, which really stinks because I don't even know all the words!)