Sunday, October 23, 2005

Yard Work Shmard perk

Thats right. I'm so tired of my yard that I'm about to SCREAM. We had two trees taken out in the front yard and they had roots coming almost all the way to the sidewalk as well as through the lawn and breaking up the driveway and so now my yard is a big pile of dead stuff and its soooooo frustrating to have had the crappy neighbor's yard for 6 months now.

Mr. Chucklehead and I decided to make it our project. At the very least, the front yard has to get done ASAP. So, we are going to lay the first section of the rocks in and yank all the nasty roots tomorrow. Then, this weekend in the rain...:P We're going to lay our sod...that is if you can lay sod on the rain. In one week I'm going to have to become a laying sod expert.

We have to do it tomorrow because thats the last non-rainy day for the rest of the year (at least thats what it feels like.)

Funny news. Kids are with Cruella tonight. They called asking Mr. Chucklehead how to "control" little giggle so she doesn't hit and kick....and Cruella doesn't want to let him be the custodial parent...I don't get it.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Poor Toesies

Poor little Giggle had some warts removed off the bottom of her toes. She had it done at Cruella's work since she is in a dermatologists office and the poor little girl just cried and cried.

Lucky for me I am working from home today. Trying to get the marketing section of a proposal written and having serious writer's block. I just spent an hour on the phone with NY trying to get some ideas...inspiration...anything to make this a little bit easier. I suppose it will come in time.

LG has been asleep since about 10:30AM. She took some children's tylenol before going to see the doctor and I think its working on her for a long long nap. Her little toes need to heal so this is a good thing.

Its fall and the leaves are falling and the sky is gray and next weekend we are finally getting our yard mowed under. Hoorah! I'm pretty happy for all that. I'm really looking forward to getting this all done. By next month I should have a beautiful green lawn...right in time for the winter. :P

Monday, October 17, 2005

Out of Shape know you are out of shape when a 3 and 5 year old go on a bike ride with you only a few blocks away down the street and by the time you get done running around playing frisbee you are totally wiped out.

We had a great evening together at the park...Chortle is getting so good on his "two wheeler" with no training wheels bike and LG is learning the art of braking while going down hill. We had to stop near disaster near the duck pond when she was about 4 feet from a pile of bramble bushes. Sheesh...Lucky that Mr. Chucklehead moves faster than her bike!

They were exhausted by the time we got home. I'm so pleased to announce that we have had one FULL WEEK of no incident reports with LG! She hasn't had any fighting/kicking/hitting/screaming issues for an entire week of school. This is a serious milestone. We're praying for 2 weeks...Hoorah!

This photo is of those two cuties watching a scary movie in my bed while eating fruit snacks. Aren't they adorable!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Last night was the coolest fundraiser benefit that I've ever participated in. They had 16 artists that all created some magnificent piece of work in 8 hours for congenital heart research in children. It was a great cause and the tickets were spendy...$45 for the evening or $100 for the evening with free drinks. Mr. Chucklehead and I went as the event photographers for the group. We had a smashing time. Starting at 1pm we followed the artists through the creation process (photographically) and it was fascinating. We were hooked up with this group because my sister is one of the artists.

They held it in this great big warehouse that has a huge train track set up all around and the evening turned out fabulously. They raised over $13,000 for research and costs associated with one little boy in particular. The couple that set up the event have a son that suffers from this. It was very touching and everyone was very generous.

I spent my evening running around from booth to booth trying to keep a log of the progression each artist made in their pictures. Some of them were really weird. They had a guy who created like a bird-woman thingy that I was so not impressed with and another that had a bunch of charcoal drawings that we used to do as warm-up in art classes...just figure drawings on brown paper. These things were selling for hundreds of dollars.

It makes me really want to get off my buns and figure out Oregon can really see the good that can be had from just a little teamwork and volunteers.

I'm inspired to paint now too!

UPDATE!!! - They raised $13,000 in straight donations, but you'll never believe how much they raised total....$63,000 dollars! IMPRESSIVE!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

some days you just gotta dance.

It was insane day at work today. I had the first of my big webinars and ugh...of course it couldn't go too smoothly. We had issues with the mute on the conference call....something I will definitely remedy by the next web seminar. I wrapped it all up by about 4pm and headed home for some TLC with John, but on the way home we got into a weird funk...I mean...both of us just kind of got quiet and it wasn't that either of us was mad, but the mood was somber.

So - picked up the kids and Chortle and LG were adorable the whole way home. LG has been good all week so far! I know its only Tuesday, but we celebrate where we can. :0)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday Monday

I suppose that this blog is a little like my old journals growing up. I have the best of intentions then fail to actually post anything after three entries? One in particular makes me laugh...I have a journal that reads, "this is my new journal and I will write in it every..."

And that is the final entry in my new journal...the one and only. :)

I was reminded of this blog when I got an email telling me about my cousin Joseph's wife's blog...housewifeinspain...and it was quite amusing and I loved reading stories about her kids so I thought I should step it up and start writing again. Especially because there is craziness in my life that it would feel good to just throw out for perfectly good strangers to read about.

And on that note...this is my new blog and I will write in it every...