Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Court TV

I am in love with courttv.com. Thats right - not the television show. I actually hate television. I don't watch it - we don't even have it hooked up in our house for regular channels, but we can watch movies on our tv.

So, to get my fix on criminal history I read courttv.com 5-days a week. Its fascinating. Its unbelievable. Its sad. Its hysterically funny. Its real-life drama without the script being written by NBC or ABC or CBS. These people are for real and some days it blows my mind.

This all started with the Scott Peterson case. I said he was guilty from the start. It was just all too "fishy" (no pun intended) that she disappeared on the same day he went out in his boat and then she ends up floating up to the shore...too much of a coincidence.

Next it was Michael Jackson..he's turned into such a weirdo. It wasn't so long ago that I remember Sissy Sarah and I rollerskating up and down our driveway singing Billy Jean at the top of our lungs. Damn those were good years. good music. a cool Michael.

Now I read about so many crazy murders. 911 operators who blow off callers as fakes, insane mothers that hurt or kill their children, stupid drunk people that hurt each other...all of them stories of loss in one way or another.

Having never been arrested I start to wonder at what point the intelligence chip in the brain turns off for these people. At what point is it ok to kill or hurt or lie...I don't understand how they think that they are going to get away with it.

Like the Alaska teen whose two old boyfriends beat up her mother then set her and her car on fire while she was on a trip with her dad. They swore she set them up to it...her mother beat her and threatened her...or so she said to them. In real life her mother was nearing sainthood by all comparision. She claims she didn't know they would actually KILL her. So, I guess its not your responsibility for lying to these twisted insane men to make them think they were protecting you. She got off. I suppose the knowledge of what she did will rest with her the rest of her life. Thats punishment enough for some...their own private beating heart under the floorboard.

Well, I've rambled on enough. Tomorrow, I'm sure will be more of the same. I'll read it with the same mixture of interest and revulsion and wonder that I do every other day and wonder if I'll ever find myself crossing that point where logic goes away and I think I can commit a crime.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Young Love...

Awhile back Chortle told Gag that if she teased her daddy again he'd start to call her corn. We didn't really get the insult that the word "CORN" had built up inside his young mind, but from that comment we thought it might be a good idea to teach the principle of "if you can't say something nice..."

Well, corn turned into candy corn and that moment has spurred a series of pet names for our family - Sweet Cheeks, Baby Cakes, Candy Corn, Lemon Drop and Cherry Nose.

I love it when LG hollars at me - I love you baby cakes! or when Gag tells Chortle he's the cutest little lemon drop.

Since then Chortle has turned into quite the romeo. Apparently he's known as "Chortle Eyes" by the girls in his kindergarten class. And just recently he told me that one girl in his class made hearts float out of his eyes.

Young love is so innocent and sweet.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Expose' on potty training

My darling 3-year old Little Giggle has taught us a new way to pottie train for #2 - swallow a penny.

Now don't get too grossed out here...this is a PG-rated post, but on Friday last week LG swallowed one U.S currency piece valued at $0.01. As soon as it happened she burst into tears and told us her money was eaten up. When we figured out what really happened we had to explain to her just what happens when something is eaten...the digestive process and where it ends up.

Now for my favorite part...every 1-3 hours she was sitting on the pot yelling, "Here comes the money!" I don't think I've laughed as hard for a year.

Unfortunately, the money never did show up until the day that she left back to the Cruella's house. Mr. Chucklehead decided to take a much needed "manly" bathroom break (which essentially means sit on the pot for 40 minutes reading). Before he had a chance to do his thing he yelled for me to come and look...sure enough there on the bottom of the toilet lay one US penny circa 1979. He wanted to take a picture. I told him the story was probably good enough.

By the way - this story is in honor of TODAY being her 4th birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little Giggle. I sure do love you, silly girl.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Cutest babies around

I just got this photo of my nieces. They are sitting in my kitchen sink in this photo. It was taken during my wedding week. Aren't they adorable!

So, married life is interesting. I think when you live with someone before you get married you lose something when you finally do get married - there just isn't a huge change except for the fact that now you are REALLY committed...at least on paper. :)

Gag, Jimmy (boyfriend du-jour), Mr. Chucklehead and I played Apples to Apples last night. It was hilarious. Poor Jimmy didn't know what a lot of the words meant...he threw down Albert Einstein when the word was "useless." Ha ha ha....

I have decided to keep this more up-to-date...it may be the one and only place I can vent about Cruella... the nightmare. Perhaps I should rename this blog to Trials of a Step-mother. :)