Thursday, February 28, 2013

DD 8 - Bellaism

February 27 2012

If you know me...imagine my face (after I finished laughing) when I heard this little gem...

"Sorry mom...I can't do what you said because I don't have my listening ears on."

DD 7 - Escape artist

February 26 2012

After Bella's laborious labor last night I had a second good laugh the next morning when I found Jax like this...

How does this even happen without the pajamas unsnapping?   I don't know if the one-shoulder sleeper look will ever come into style, but he gets an A+++ for creativity.  My sweet fashion forward thinking boy...

DD 6 - giving birth to stuffies

February 25, 2012

I nearly fell short of my goal merely a week into it when I completed this day with not a single super exciting thing I felt like I could blog about.  But, of course, as things go in the Chucklehead home, I was not disappointed when I walked into Bella's room to check on her before I signed off to go to sleep.

Laying in her bed was a rotund pink thing.

Yes, thing.

It was dim lighting and I couldn't tell what it was until I got much closer.

And then I burst out laughing.

I've often wondered what she does in bed after the lights go out.  I remember when she was little she told me her stuffies wouldn't stop wasn't HER making was those chatterbox stuffed animals!

Well, apparently one of her favorite games to play now is "giving birth."  And thats what she did that night.  12 stuffed animals in all.

Congratulations on your dozenuplets!

 (As she gets older I will revel in the chance to tease her about her excitement in growing fat, barely being able to walk and the romantacized notion that you can unzip your pjs and birth a baby.) muwahahahaha.

DD 5 - Walmart nuts

February 24 2012

We spent two glorious hours out in the sunshine today...We played frisbee and tossed a ball and I watched her scooter around the neighborhood...and then I got involved in a box in the garage and before you know it I had a 4 year old tugging at me...

"Mama!  I have a surprise for you!"

"What is it?"

"Come see!"

And so I walk over to the lawn and what I see are a bunch of sticks poking up from the ground with little shell hats on the end of them.

"Look mom!  I found walmart nuts and put them on the sticks!  I call them the walmart nut heads!"

When I stopped laughing I asked if she meant WALNUTs...nope...Walmart nuts.  And so a new breed of Walmartians have evolved in our front yard...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

DD 4 - almost crawling!

February 23 2012

Day 4 and I captured a photo of Jax trying to crawl.  He's done this before, but he's getting so good at it I just had to share it.  So far he just gets up on his knees and rocks...or he does a few cool pushups.  Its so cute. 

DD 3 - cute bedrooms!

February 22 2012

Ahhh...Day three was a cleaning day.  Yes, you heard me right.  Cleaning...

Our poor little house still sits much cluttered and unorganized.  What I realized is that I needed to clean so that my life was spent maintaining instead of agonizing over all the STUFF!

So I made great headway in the upstairs which was the bain of my existence.  I cleaned out the medicine closet, the kids bedrooms, the spare bedroom and have made good headway on the master bedroom.

Phew.  I also cleaned out our car.  (it needed it B.A.D.)

The kids rooms are so cute...

Deployment Day (DD) 2 - l'artist

February 21 2012

Deployment Day  has been shortened to DD!  Its just easier to write.  And I'm feeling lazy right now.  Besides...not all my posts will be about deployment, but the ones that are can now be quickly searched for.  Right?  How smart am I.

Day 2 brought us lots of coloring.  Bella was on a roll.  She was determined to draw herself in a variety of costumes. 

First, it was Bella the soldier.  She insisted on a purple uniform and a pink gun.  I'm not sure the Army will agree with that if she ever actually enlists, but she can try.

Next it was Bella as princess.  Not just any princes...the princess of flowers and rainbows.  Awesome.

Finally she made herself the knight to save herself as the princess.  She called herself the knight of saving princesses and flowers.

Love this kid.  And dang if she isn't a good little artist.


Deployment Day 1 - saying goodbye

February 20, 2012

Now that Mr. Chucklehead has been gone for a few days...Something he mentioned when he left was him doing a daily photo/journal entry to mark his time while there.  I thought it might be kind of cool to do a similar set of posts on this blog...a photo a day for the year he's gone. 1...Saying Goodbye.
Dropping off bags at the loading area...

Playing a kissy game.  She insisted on wearing her "cheetah" coat.  She looked so cute.

Daddy and Jaxxy boy loving on each other...

We took one last family photo.  I think it turned out pretty good!

DD - 0 - I married James Bond.

February 19, 2012

My James Bond is currently somewhere in the middle east...either on a plane or on a military base somewhere...we aren't really sure yet because we haven't heard from him.  Its possible he is in Germany awaiting a flight to the Middle East...and wouldn't that suck for him because he left nearly 24 hours ago.

The day he was supposed to leave they delayed the after sitting around with a hundred other soldiers for a couple of hours they sent everyone home and told them to come back that night.  I took him back at around 9pm and cried buckets of tears...


And now back to regular programming since the above is now obsolete.  As I was writing it I got a notice that Mr. Chucklehead was safe and sound in Romania.  He's since made it all the way to Afghanistan and is currently living a barracks room with 150 other soldiers.  I hear that he gets his very own plyboard room in a large tent starting today.  Wahoo for him!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What is it they say about love?

If you google that question then you come up with a list of crazy stuff...the top two being a set of lyrics from that I will spare you the disaster of having to actually read and a yahoo question asking what is the quote about love hurting.


Love hurts. 

Rap that three times fast.

Seriously though...if the last year is any indication about what love is all about I was ready to toss in the towel and walk away...but then there is this crazy something something that kept me around and has magically turned into something that is looking much better, much brighter and much more amazing than I ever imagined.

And so on this glorious day of love a.k.a. Valentine's Day....we went bowling...because nothing says love in our family like a night of bowling.

Yes...she had to wear her super special love dress that day.  As usual...she was a stellar bowler and no joke...fair and square beat the pants off me...  I never did claim to be a great bowler.

While Jax looked on with such intelligence... ha ha ha...  it kind of reminds me of that photo I have of bella putting underwear on her head.

After that we went home and gave each other valentines...

I got a box of chocolates and my very favorite thing of the night was an 101st Airborne "Sweetheart Pin."  It was inside the box of chocolates.  I was very pleasantly surprised and felt much loved.

So...yeah...what is it they say about love?

Kissy Kissy!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Funtucky Family of Four...

September 11, you know what you were doing?  I was flying on a military jet from Ramstein, Germany to Baltimore, MD.  It was the final stage of our move from germany back to the states...a move that was both heartbreakingly difficult and exhausting. 

What did I love about Germany.  Pretty much everything.  I am partial to the European way of life.  I love NOT having walmarts, 7-elevens and Walgreens on every corner.  I love open markets and stores that close on Sundays.  I love the quiet town we lived in and the awesome best friend neighbors that we had...I loved my German friends, we loved the library and librarians.  I miss the cute towns that we'd drive through, red roofs, churches in the town square, crazy statues honoring some random person, fountains, ornate designs on random buildings.  I miss cobblestone, and pedestrian zones, and the "feed the deer" park, the autobahn and driving fast.  I miss spatzle and brats.  I miss my backyard and watching the kids play.  I miss being able to walk wherever I want and having the shopette about 4 blocks away for those last minute treat needs.  I miss random festivals or holidays that seem to happen just about every week.  I miss a weekend trip to Prague or Munich.  I miss stumbling through their language and sorting euros from dollars... I just miss Germany. 

And now we've relocated to K.E.N.T.U.C.K.Y.  0_o  a.k.a...Funtucky!

It was the best choice out of the final four options.  We were offered Fort Drum, NY (and 8 feet of snow 8 months out of the year), Fort Hood, TX (in the middle of nothing and nowhere), Fort Riley, KS (Even more in the middle of nowhere.) and Fort Campbell, KY...and what came out of my mouth is something I never thought I'd say...."I think Kentucky is the best choice."

But, being here now I realize that it actually is a pretty great military base and a town full of cool things to discover.  First of all, its not really Kentucky.  We are smack dab in the middle of the border of Kentucky and Tennessee.  Our house is actually in Tennessee, but we live on base and the post office is in Kentucky so thats what our address is.  There is a road just a few blocks from us called State Line Road.  And that is literally what it is.  The state  line.  I wonder if you are being chased by Kentucky cops and cross that line if they have to stop because they lose jurisdiction....?  Hmmmm....not something I'll run out and try, but its an interesting thought.

Clarksville, TN is the main town attached to the base.  Its essentially a 20-mile long strip mall.  I'm not kidding and there are not 1....2...or 3...but FOUR Walmarts from one end to the other.  The other thing they have a plethora of is Waffle House, which is kind of like a Denny's diner, but think smaller and greasier.  There must be 10 Waffle Houses along the main drag.  I'm not kidding.  We do have Nashville just an hour away, Land Between the Lakes just an hour the other direction and I'm kind of excited to see what the South has to offer.  I've seen the Opryland hotel and driven past Dollywood.  I hear the summers here are fantastic with more than enough to do.

So....I guess we've become a Funtucky family of four at this point and as military families do...we'll make the best and the most out of the opportunity we've been given to see new things, meet new people and have new adventures. 

I do promise that we won't encourage inbreeding or start making moonshine, however I can't promise my kids won't run barefoot all summer long and that some of those redneck jokes won't hit close to home.

You might be a redneck if...

You got stopped by a state trooper.
He asked you if you had an I.D.
And you said, 'Bout What?'

Your state's got a new law that says
when a couple get divorced,
they are still legally brother and sister.

Your sister is the third generation
of women in your family to conceive
a baby as a result of an alien abduction.

The centerpiece on your dining room table
is an original signed work
by a famous taxidermist.
You've got more than
one brother named 'Darryl'.


Thursday, February 07, 2013

I'm Baaaaack!

All work and no blogging makes Mrs. Chucklehead a dull girl.  All work and no blogging makes Mrs. Chucklehead a dull girl.  All work and no blogging makes Mrs. Chucklehead a dull girl. All work and no blogging makes Mrs. Chucklehead a dull girl. All work and no blogging makes Mrs. Chucklehead a dull girl. All work and no blogging makes Mrs. Chucklehead a dull girl.

Was that creepy enough for you? 

Well well well...its now 2013 and I think taking most of 2012 off was enough of a blog sabbatical.

It was kind of a necessary departure...lets just say that 2012 will live in my memory as the hardest of my life thus far...while also being a most glorious year because of the birth of my beautiful little boy. 

Either way.  2013 has only just peeked into February and so I shall be documenting our chucklehead lives...updating this much outdated blog...and perhaps delving into a few "deep" topics of faith, politics, family and all that jazz.

Looking forward to being back in business.