Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What is it they say about love?

If you google that question then you come up with a list of crazy stuff...the top two being a set of lyrics from that I will spare you the disaster of having to actually read and a yahoo question asking what is the quote about love hurting.


Love hurts. 

Rap that three times fast.

Seriously though...if the last year is any indication about what love is all about I was ready to toss in the towel and walk away...but then there is this crazy something something that kept me around and has magically turned into something that is looking much better, much brighter and much more amazing than I ever imagined.

And so on this glorious day of love a.k.a. Valentine's Day....we went bowling...because nothing says love in our family like a night of bowling.

Yes...she had to wear her super special love dress that day.  As usual...she was a stellar bowler and no joke...fair and square beat the pants off me...  I never did claim to be a great bowler.

While Jax looked on with such intelligence... ha ha ha...  it kind of reminds me of that photo I have of bella putting underwear on her head.

After that we went home and gave each other valentines...

I got a box of chocolates and my very favorite thing of the night was an 101st Airborne "Sweetheart Pin."  It was inside the box of chocolates.  I was very pleasantly surprised and felt much loved.

So...yeah...what is it they say about love?

Kissy Kissy!

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