Thursday, February 28, 2013

DD 6 - giving birth to stuffies

February 25, 2012

I nearly fell short of my goal merely a week into it when I completed this day with not a single super exciting thing I felt like I could blog about.  But, of course, as things go in the Chucklehead home, I was not disappointed when I walked into Bella's room to check on her before I signed off to go to sleep.

Laying in her bed was a rotund pink thing.

Yes, thing.

It was dim lighting and I couldn't tell what it was until I got much closer.

And then I burst out laughing.

I've often wondered what she does in bed after the lights go out.  I remember when she was little she told me her stuffies wouldn't stop wasn't HER making was those chatterbox stuffed animals!

Well, apparently one of her favorite games to play now is "giving birth."  And thats what she did that night.  12 stuffed animals in all.

Congratulations on your dozenuplets!

 (As she gets older I will revel in the chance to tease her about her excitement in growing fat, barely being able to walk and the romantacized notion that you can unzip your pjs and birth a baby.) muwahahahaha.

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