Thursday, February 28, 2013

DD 5 - Walmart nuts

February 24 2012

We spent two glorious hours out in the sunshine today...We played frisbee and tossed a ball and I watched her scooter around the neighborhood...and then I got involved in a box in the garage and before you know it I had a 4 year old tugging at me...

"Mama!  I have a surprise for you!"

"What is it?"

"Come see!"

And so I walk over to the lawn and what I see are a bunch of sticks poking up from the ground with little shell hats on the end of them.

"Look mom!  I found walmart nuts and put them on the sticks!  I call them the walmart nut heads!"

When I stopped laughing I asked if she meant WALNUTs...nope...Walmart nuts.  And so a new breed of Walmartians have evolved in our front yard...

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