Sunday, February 24, 2013

Deployment Day (DD) 2 - l'artist

February 21 2012

Deployment Day  has been shortened to DD!  Its just easier to write.  And I'm feeling lazy right now.  Besides...not all my posts will be about deployment, but the ones that are can now be quickly searched for.  Right?  How smart am I.

Day 2 brought us lots of coloring.  Bella was on a roll.  She was determined to draw herself in a variety of costumes. 

First, it was Bella the soldier.  She insisted on a purple uniform and a pink gun.  I'm not sure the Army will agree with that if she ever actually enlists, but she can try.

Next it was Bella as princess.  Not just any princes...the princess of flowers and rainbows.  Awesome.

Finally she made herself the knight to save herself as the princess.  She called herself the knight of saving princesses and flowers.

Love this kid.  And dang if she isn't a good little artist.


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