Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FedEx came

I got in the mail today my shirt that I have to wear to my work stuff next week. Now, in my client's defense, they didn't know I was pregnant...but just to give you a taste of how incredibly uptight this client is about this event and these shirts...they had a 5-minute conversation in our last conference call about WHO IS BRINGING THE IRON FOR THE SHIRTS...

When I mentioned a hotel has an iron and ironing board they said, "WE CAN'T COUNT ON THEM WORKING PROPERLY."

Ok....so for some of you maybe this sounds normal? Being the domestic dimwit I am there is no such thing as an iron for shirts...unless the dryer is really ineffective with getting out the majority of the wrinkles and even then...I'd almost rather just have those clothes drycleaned...but I do occasionally turn on an iron when its needed for a work function...but really...an entire hotel and we can't count on the iron working?

On top of that they tried to get the admin to be the one to iron ALL the shirts. I think her response was, "I don't do laundry." ha ha ha

That being said...I decided I better have them presend my shirt because the fearful thought of "what if this shirt doesn't fit me" hit me last week. My belly is the size of a soccer ball and these aren't polos...they are button ups.

Sure enough...I can button the shirt, but its stretched so tight across the belly there will be no need for an iron on my end. What to do....

1. Fess up to being pregnant and forwarn them that the shirt will be on the body, but not buttoned

2. Show up to the event and just surprise them with it

3. Claim the shirt was damaged and that I can't wear it

4. Put large iron burn right on the back and see if they ever buy shirts that require ironing again.

I like #4....but most likely will be action oriented with #2.

Can you believe I even have to spend 10 minutes worrying about this?

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LaDonnaMobile said...

I totally agree--number four would be my preferred option, but number one would probably look nicer.

Better yet--don't even mention pregnancy! Just put the shirt over a nice camisole, button it where you can, then make it look like you are just a fashionista who could stand to lose a few.

Seriously--a woman I know at church never announced her pregnancy, but once her belly got totally huge and I was *sure* I wouldn't be wrong, I said, "so are you expecting?" and she said "no!" and looked all offended and we never mentioned it again . . . until I heard she had given birth! You could totally do the same--ignore the pregnancy, and while everyone stares at your belly, they'll forget to ask about your shirt! :)