Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sore throats

I had an icky sore throat yesterday...clogged sinus passages and just a general feeling of yuck. I'm always nervous about sore throats because as a kid it was an annual event for me to get strep throat even though I haven't had a case of it since college - 15 years ago!

I made Mr. C check my tonsils. His diagnosis, "Yep, they look red and swollen, but not strep."

So, I drank some Theraflu (my favorite sick medicine) before bed and got a good nights sleep and was up by 7:30AM.

So far today the sore throat has stayed away and I just seem to be plagued by a stuffy nose. It makes me want to sing a song....

"Snotty nose go away
I really want to play
This weekend is grandpa P's birthday
He'll be 90 on Sunday."

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