Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

What a beautiful (rainy) Easter we had. Believe it or not...all three kids - Gag, Chortle and Little Giggle were with us yesterday. We got to see family and friends. Had dinner with Miss Barbara and played with her sweet puppy Cocoa...the kids ended up hiding dog treats in easter eggs to see if she could find them (suggestion from Grandpa Johnnie and a good one at that!)

It really struck me yesterday how little familiarity Chortle and LG have with religion in general. Mr. C and I do what we can in the 4 days per month we see them but yesterday at church there was quite a bit of confusion from both Chortle and Little Giggle about what it meant that Jesus was Risen.

The kids got jellybean packets with a bookmark that was the "jellybean prayer." Chortle was stressed out about eating the speckled jellybeans because they represented sin...and he didn't want to eat sin. While Lil' Giggle couldn't understand why Jesus didn't "beat up" the Jews (since he is all powerful) when they crucified him...followed by Chortle asking if we could have Jews as friends now... (AIYA!)

All in all, we got a basic understanding down and Maddie drew this great picture of Jesus on the cross and Jesus rising from the dead (see the big smile!). Mr. C and I will be working on religion a little more closely for these kids...starting with a little Family Home Evening tonight on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Kind of a big topic to cover in 20 minutes. :)

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The Hansen Family said...

That picture is seriously priceless! Keep that FOREVER! It sounds like you guys had a great time! I hope the family night went well...:) Happy Easter - belated Johnson style of course!