Tuesday, March 08, 2011

ROUS update

Oh my dear Wesley!

Six ROUS's down for the count and more than 24 hours since the last "eviction notice" was served.   I think the last one actually cried, "Aaaaaaas Yooooooou Wiiiiiiiish" when the trap snapped close.  (Too much visualization?)  Yeah, well, I'm feeling extra sassy tonight....and thats all your getting by way of apology. 

I've got two poison feed boxes outside my house, a mouse trap set and an appointment tomorrow morning with housing to check the chew damage under my sink and to call the mason to come and fix it.

I will probably have to continue to set up my baby gate plastic mouse guard for awhile still.  *cue melodramatic music*

I may never sleep the same again.


The Hannant Family said...

I was telling Dave about your ROUS's and he said there is never just one. Yucky. Keep going with the baby gate and I hope the poison and traps will keep them at bay until they can fix your wall. Good Luck.

You can always recite My name is anna I am wonder woman, prepare to die. Ok that was sort of lame but I couldn't remember how to spell the guys name and all I could think of was josea montego. Miss that car too. I almost ran over Mandy with it once. Not on purpose.

Okee Martin Family said...

Why don't you keep one and name it porridge in honor of Oatmeal and let Bella boo and Maddi have a little pet?? I love the story and feel the same heebeejeebee feeling of the thought of an R.O.U.S. in my house also... I get it with spiders and Ants also.. i can't imagine something much bigger!
Hello... My name is Anna Larson... you snuck into my house... prepare to DIE!

Christy said...

You are toooo hysterical. :) I saw the headline here, "ROUS," and of course the movie namesake did immediately come to mind, but I thought surely it must be some other reference you were making. I am laughing so hard at your image... and yet also cringing for you, to know that the original one was not the end. Six?! EEEeek.!! I have NO doubt that your comparison to the movie creatures is accurate in "EEEeeek!!" factor! I hope your local military pest control person is inclined toward a succinct "As You Wish!" aka the early Wesley before all the trouble started.