Wednesday, March 30, 2011

5K...and I'm not talking about money here...

As part of my physical fitness goals for this year I decided I would be running a 5K.  While for you fit running/jogging types you may snicker a little or even scoff a little at my piddly little goal, but if you aren't a runner...then you know as well as I do...the thought of running three miles or a 5K may as well be uphill both ways in the snow....

But, YES!  I've committed myself to participating in a 5K in just ONE MONTH...on my father's birthday...May 7th at 9:30AM.

So here's how my temporary insanity happened.  I was alone one night on the computer just messing around (i.e. playing tetris or bejeweled blitz on Facebook) when I saw that a new post had been made by our Vilseck Spouses was an invitation to join them at the "Fallen Dragoon Memorial 5K run." 

Well, sheesh...tug at my heartstrings for the fallen soldiers and all sense leaves my head and I immediately signed myself up.  It is a "family event" so I've noted that I'll have a stroller, a toddler and an 8 year old with me.  They wanted to know if I was planning on walking or running it.  I said, "both...we'll go at the 8 year old's pace." 

Totally threw Maddie under the bus.

I'm sure the 8 year old probably will have more of a spring in her running step than me.

But...I signed up...and I'm proud of myself...and on Monday, April 4th I will start the Couch to 5K Program (aka C25K) and hopefully by the time this 5k comes around I'll be able to run nearly 2 whole miles.

(Stop laughing please.)


Miss Debbie said...

You can do it! What fun that they have a training program for you. I am glad it is a family affair and the kids can particpate too!

Haven't heard about your 'guests' lately? Are they still sneaking around?

The Days of your Life said...

We will train while you are here!
I am about as couch potato as they get!

The Hannant Family said...

You should be able to do it. Athena sent me the c25k agenda and it is doable. Good luck and good for you. I had planned to do one but Syd ended up having her tonsils out so I couldn't do it. I need to do one too. and just so you know.... Dave did a triathlon and he still hates running.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love that you are doing this! I have the same program maybe I'll have to finally use it. Keep on inspiring the masses!!! Love ya! Beth