Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2SCR Banner

Can you believe its AT MOST...69 days from now when all the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Soldiers return home? Well, at least if our Commander keeps his promise and they are all home by the end of May.

I remember the start of this deployment and how LONG 69 days felt. Two months, 1/6th of a year, about the same amount of time as kids have off in the summer for school...

It felt like forever.

But here we are, nearing the end of our time away from John and I can't believe we actually made it.

We made it!

Ok...lest I speak too soon... the real purpose of this post is to show you the little squares I made for the Welcome Home Banner. Some ambitious angel of an Army Wife decided to make a 12X12 square welcoming home every soldier that deployed from our Regiment.

She is sewing them all together...not quilting it or anything ridiculously crazy like that, but its eventually going to be a gigantic patchwork banner for our soldiers.

And, of course, she invited anyone and everyone to make a square for their soldier. So I did...Actually, we made 2 for John and one for each single soldier in his shop.

A friend heard I was making these and asked, "Oh! Do you like to sew?" I had to laugh...of course my reply was that as much as I'd like to claim that domestic gift and much to the sadness of my mother, I did not get the gene that makes for a great seamstress. Our squares consist of felt, hotglue, glitter and puffpaint...but I still think we did a pretty good job.

And the single soldier squares...

I also made a square for the fallen soldiers.  Sadly enough I have to add yet another two names to this square for soldiers that died in combat a few days ago.   

The squares are due by the end of March.  I have a little extra material so I will probably make a few generic ones for other soldiers who don't have a square yet.  It's a small way to show my thanks for all they do.


kajr said...

The puffpaint and felt looks great!
What an awesome idea.
I'm sorry that there is a list of fallen soldiers.

The Hannant Family said...

Again I think you're awesome. That's so great of you to do and your girls will remember it too. It is sad that there has to be a list of fallen soldiers, but so true that they will never be forgotten.

On a different note, weren't we in Home Ec together? I made a hot dog. What did you make?

Chuckleheads said...

I made a chicken. Named her nugget and kept her all through college. She got lost, unfortunately as she was the favorite game (hide the chicken in impossible places)...I don't think we ever found her after she got stuck in a snow drift somewhere in Utah. The long life of nugget was a good one. Plus, she WAS well made or never would have lasted that long. ha ha ha