Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still talking about snot.

I know...I know...there should be more interesting things going on in my life than mucus, but the sad truth is that its what I am dealing with more than 70% of my day.  Between Maddie, Bella and I we've cornered the market.

I just can't believe HOW MUCH SNOT any one person can have during a cold.  Although, research suggests that even at the peak of a cold you are only truly producing about 14 grams or maybe 1/2 ounce of the stuff...

I don't believe it. 

Guess what else I found out in my research?  Somebody actually did a study on the effects of chicken noodle soup on mucus.  Drink up folks...those little bawk bawks and noodles vapors loosen it all up. 

Who would have thunk it?

Now, a quick shout out to the man who gave me all this great information - Mr. Cecil Adams, the self proclaimed smartest man in the world.  He's got the lowdown on anything you've ever wondered such as...

Can Coca-Cola be used as a contraceptive?

Is the Swiss Army Knife really used by the Swiss Army?

Did the inventor of the Slinky join a cult in Bolivia? can find answers to all these questions and more at

Commercial is now over....and I need to blow my nose.

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kajr said...

Isn't google the best?
I hope the snot leaves your home.