Friday, December 17, 2010

Top Mommy Blogger!

As I may have mentioned elsewhere I've been perusing the internet while wrapped in my comfy red blankie, slippers on my feet and hot chocolate in hand...

And what I discovered is a world of blogging far beyond what I imagined was out there.  I've been wrapped up in my own little blog cocoon and never bothered to check on what might be happening with the rest of the world of women who are throwing themselves out there for a little random reader therapy.

And so, I've requested admission to and have been accepted as a Top Mommy Blog.  Go me! 

So...what do you, my faithful readers, have to do?   Just click on the top mommy blog link thats on the right hand side each time you come to visit me and it moves me up in the "top mommy blog" ratings.

In fact, you can start me off by clicking on the link below right now! 

 Top Mommy Blogs - Click To Vote!

C' know you want to do it.  C'mon, click it...everbody is clicking it. 

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