Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sicky McSickster

I have a headache.  I've had the headache since I woke up this morning.  Even typing on these keys puts pounding clickity clackity sounds in my head.

Thats how much I love my blog readers.  I'm willing to clickity clack in my head just so you can feel empathy for me as I suffer with this headache.

I am such a wimp...I know it.

But, when one rarely gets sick or gets headaches...and when one's primary source of empathy is sleeping on a twin bed in a plywood room in Afghanistan...then one needs a little extra empathy from the vast blogging world of random readers.

So...just keep it down out there will ya and if you could rub my temples and play with my hair a little...I'll be better in the morning. 

Pretty please with sugar on top?


The Days of your Life said...

I'm sorry you are sick! I wish we were closer, I would bring over fresh bread and homemade soup and take the girls for you!
Love and lick kisses!

Miss Debbie said...

wimp. JK -this is not when you want to feel icky.....Ohhhhmmmmm Sending healng thoughts your way with lots of love.