Monday, December 27, 2010

Clean up clean up everybody everywhere...

I've decided that the absolute worst part of Christmas is the cleanup.  Not the cleanup of wrapping paper and ribbon and boxes and those cursed plastic zipties they use to strap toys into'm talking about taking down the tree, rearranging furniture, sweeping up endless pine needles, reconfiguring the Christmas boxes so that everything fits inside again...THAT kind of cleaning. 

Oh, and losing your camera in the process....


So, today the tree came down, the boxes got mostly packed and I'm still picking pine needles out of my feet after I walk across the carpet

**note to self - need new vacuum cleaner - preferably a dyson that picks up EVERYTHING.**

And, as it happens every year after Christmas...I spent a good 2 hours rearranging furniture.  I moved photos from wall to wall, furniture from room to room, hauled my 12X20 foot rug around until I had it just right and drilled a hole in a bookcase so a plug would fit through....

I'm sure I'll regret at some point that drilling part.  You can't exactly undrill a hole and what if that plug thats currently occupying it becomes obsolete?  I'll forever have to make sure that the bookcase has something strategically placed to cover it up.

Regardless, I've found the arrangement I like and am quite pleased with the new look.  AND...the best part is there is space in the dining room now for a nice antique European hutch.

Normally, I would never say something like that outloud.  I can't.  I'm married to a furniture whore.  Yes, you heard me right - my husband will go out to buy some new underwear and come home with a bedroom set.  He just can't help it...its his addiction.  I'll never forget the day I sent him to the recycling center and he came home with more crap than I sent him there with.  He actually had a bench seat strapped to the top of the car and a patio umbrella hanging out one window. 

He just simply can't be trusted to go alone to any place that sells, refurbishes, gives away or junks furniture of any kind.

But, I can say it outloud now because I've decided that its time for us to invest in a hutch.  He'll read this and start salivating.  He'll spend hours planning the exact shape, size and configuration he wants.  I'll probably have to measure the room just so he can sketch it all out perfectly.  It'll give him something to look forward to over the next 5 months before he returns from his deployment.  ha ha ha

And me...well, I'm going to sit on my buns and eat bon bons while he works it all out.

nom nom nom...I did get some lovely Lindt chocolate for Christmas...nom nom nom.

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Miss Debbie said...

Post a photo of the hutch. I am dreading 'taking down' Cmas, and after reading your post, will wait a day or two. I rep Dyson if you want a 'good deal'. Merry Christmas!

The Hannant Family said...

Boy everyone I hear is taking down Christmas. You must be ready to move into the new year. I won't take mine down until after New Years. It's lots easier to do after the kids are back at school. They always take and move stuff and then it doesn't get put into the right boxes. I know anal.

Looking forward to seeing your new hutch whenever you get it.