Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Here we gooooooo....

So, this week has started our (hopefully) short experience called Potty Training.


We've been talking it up for awhile.  She's been sitting on the potty on and off, but this week we started to really push the potty vs the diaper.

And the results so far?  (Sing it with me...)

During the first week of potty training my little one gave to me...

12 million times of reading the potty book

11 pairs of little girl undies washed

10 thousand false alarms -- Mommy!  Potty!....wait....wait.....wait....wait....

 9 stuffed animals who showed her how to sit on the potty - Please applaud for kitty, puppy, owl, bear, bunny, dolly 1, dolly 2 and dolly 3 and last, but not least...Ms. Barbie...

8 (or more - ha ha ha) diaper accidents

7 days of potty training

6 minutes of washing hands - they LOVE soap and water

5 minutes in which I didn't pay attention and later discovered to be a stealth move on her part to abscond with the potty treat jar, which not only did she accomplish, but she managed to get it open, eat half the potty treats (M&Ms and Skittles) and spread the rest all over her entire playroom floor...

4 accidents in the bathtub...those toys and the tub have NEVER been cleaner

3 stickers on her potty chart

2 cheerleaders named mama and maddie

and 1 little potty training girl!

What ARE these and do I really want to be doing this?


TheMuffinMom said...

hahaha! Bless you--after having five kids, potty-training remains my least-favorite part of parenting. Good luck!

The Hannant Family said...

I love your song. I'm being scroogy about potty training and waiting until after the new year. I hope you are successful. And ewww I hate when they do that in the tub.

Cothran Family said...

You can do it Bella! Just like mom says "she wont go to kindergarten in diapers." (helpful info eh?!:)