Monday, December 20, 2010

Candy Mountain

I don't get to see my dad very often.  He's a pretty private guy...Yeah...that and the fact that he lives in Kuwait kind of puts a bit of a kink in our "gettin' together regularly" plans.  So, when he tells me he is going to fly into Germany to spend the holidays with us, well, lets just say that I was suddenly on the magical bridge of hope and wonder with Charlie the Unicorn.

The hope and wonder rainbow lasted for exactly the same amount of time we got in the car and started to drive home from the airport in the swirling snow and our GPS suddenly couldn't find satellite reception.  So, I winged it and would you believe I actually got us home all on my own and we didn't even take any detours like through Berlin or Munich or Czechoslovakia....all of which are very possible routes for one who has no sense of direction in this lovely snowy Deutschland.

Luckily, Grandpa Johnnie has an eternally positive outlook and instead of stressing out like I was he asked me first, if we had anywhere we absolutely had to be today... and second, didn't I find the snow absolutely beautiful?

And I must admit that after releasing my death grip onthe steering wheel and just letting the car glide over the icy roads it was beautiful to watch the snow come down...

And when all was said and done - we arrived home safely...and the girls got in their Grandpa Johnnie snuggles...

And I took a mini-break to watch Charlie the Unicorn again. 


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The Hannant Family said...

Nice. I'm so glad your dad can spend Christmas with you. I love your dad. Tell him hello from me. He always had that kind and gentle way about him. I remember him helping me thru my struggles. Give him a hug from me. And you too. Loves.

Cothran Family said...

where did you find that "charlie..." hilarious! I love the snow people story and I'm glad you got to hear from man. Have fun with Grampa Johnnie and Merry Christmas!