Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas Day in Pictures


Check out those lights...don't worry Grandma Annie...we made sure the tree wouldn't fall over this time!

Yes! Presents!

Hey check out all the loot I got this year!

Time to open a present! (Guitar Hero in the world did Santa decide to give him that?)

Lets take a closer look...I think Santa was fooled.

Playtime with Daddy...she got wrist rattles!

Playtime with Mama...listening to our new CD and dancing!

Time to sleep now little Bella...all worn out from Christmas day.

1 comment:

Jenny Tonks said...

What a gorgeous tree! Was it real?? Little Bella looks so cute; keep that camera a-clicking, 'cause I can't get enough of her darling little mug!

(I'm jealous you got guitar hero! I played that once at a friend's house, and it was all the music we used to listen to in high school--too perfect!)