Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Martins came, played and went back to Oklahoma

They were just passing through, but we got the pleasure of my sister and her husband and their two adorable kids as they were on their way back to Oklahoma. Not only did we have a great time just catching up, but it gave Bella a chance to meet even MORE of her cousins and have some auntie and uncle time.

It was just too much fun watching all these little ones together. Margie is 3 and was enamored with "Baby Ella" and Jacob at 18 months was a little frustrated that mommy was holding a baby other than himself. That being said...they brought with them gripe water (apparently the end all to sour baby tummies...I've still got to test it.) and a bunch of good advice such should put up your the way did you know you can do THIS with it?

Plus mama (me) was saved a blowout diaper change when Auntie Becca just went ahead and took care of it....WOAH...that doesn't ever happen around here with just the two of us normally.

So, that being said...a few pictures to commemorate our time together. **note that the camera is not taking great photos these days...must get that looked at.**

Margie feeding Bella a bottle and Jakey just wanting to be part of the party!

Sweet Margie helping calm down her "Baby Ella" with sweet kisses and whispers

Jakey checking out the swing...he was hoping he was still little enough to fit in it.

Uncle John and Uncle Dan feasting on wings and ribs

Margie chewing on some celery...she kept missing one little string that couldn't seem to make it in her mouth.

Jakey's great smile...

Two pretty girls - Auntie Becca with Baby Bella

Uncle John reading stories before bedtime

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh--I think Becca was a little tweenie when I last saw her; she looks so good! You Johnsons all have adorable kids; your mom must be up to, what, 30 grandkids by now? (not counting steps?)