Saturday, January 03, 2009

Our Christmas Letter...

Happy Holidays from the Larsons!

Well, this Christmas letter is the second version since the last one got destroyed in Anna’s computer. Unfortunately, we’re running out of time so this version isn’t quite as cool as the last version. The last one had lights and animation and graphics…on this version…you just get a piece of paper. 

JOHN: He’s now finishing up spy school here at Ft. Huachuca. We’d tell you about it, but then we’d have to kill you. We CAN say that no one lies to him without consequence… Now that his 40th birthday is over he’s decided to postpone his mixed martial arts debut until he fattens himself up some more. He’s convinced the only way he’ll be able to beat someone in the Octagon is to squash them. He’s excited to be a daddy for the 4th time!

ANNA: She spent the year just getting fatter and fatter. Ok…so she was pregnant with the beautiful little Isabella so it was worth it…and getting to be a mama is the highlight of her year. After moving to Sierra Vista, AZ, she continues working for SAIC from home. The only problem she sees about returning to work after her maternity leave is being able to type while still snuggling Bella since she can’t seem to put her down.

LEXI: We wish the above photo was in color so you could see the cute pink stripes in her hair. Adventurous in hairstyles, she’s now an 18 year old senior in high school. She plans to attend college at Oregon State University next year. Highlights of her year include competing in the Portland Teen Idol contest (made the top 25!) and flying to Salt Lake City to try out for American Idol. Look for her on a reality TV show in a few years!

ERIC: While riding his scooter this little daredevil managed to bust out two of his front permanent teeth. He was barely fazed and he starred in his own YouTube video the next day…just search under Univiper. He’s 8…turning 9 in December and loves his sports. He played baseball and football and is now a wrestler.

MADDIE: Look at that adorable smile. Don’t worry; she’s as mischievous as ever. She doesn’t love bugs as much as she used to but started collecting Webkins instead. This little whirlwind graduated from Kindergarten this year and started 1st grade! She is super smart and because she is such a good reader, she has been asked to be a class helper for other students.

ISABELLA: Bella was three weeks early and cute as a button. Also known as the “Countess” because of a cute wah ah ah cry, Bella loves sucking milk. Oh, and sleeping. She enjoys Christmas lights, singing songs, posing for the camera, car rides, wrapping daddy around her finger, getting attention from strangers, warm showers and bathtubs, spiking up her hair, walks to the mailbox and being held by mama. Her favorite movie character is Zoolander. She’s got the “blue steel” look down pat.

What’s coming down the road for the Larsons? We’re most likely to be stationed in Germany after John finishes his schooling. Since we’ve both lived in Europe we’re excited to return and be able to enjoy visiting new countries together. Come and visit! Our home is always open to our friends and family…

We hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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Jenny Tonks said...

What a good idea--using the blog for the x-mas update! I shoulda thought of that! i TOTALLY SKIPPED ALL cHRISTMAS CARD SENDING AND HOLIDAY BAKING THIS YEAR, USING CHILDBIRTH AND HEALTH EXCUSES SO i COULD JUST RELAX! :)

OOps--accidentally clicked caps lock but don't want to retype! I wasn't yelling, I promise