Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lexi's trip to Arizona in pictures!

We had the great pleasure of Miss Lexi Loo coming to visit us all by herself for a whole week after Christmas. She did get snowed in and her first flight cancelled, but managed to fly out of portland about 24 hours later. We had such a great time with her.

The first thing we did when she arrived was made her open her Christmas gift...

Then, of course we put her to work bathing the baby...actually, she asked to do it. She was so excited to see her little sister again!

We had to take her to Tombstone...only the most famous of old west locations...funny that she'd never even HEARD of boot hill...what do they teach kids in history class these days? Am I really that old?

Ain't she the cutest ever in this fur hat?

The best part is you can't tell where Lexi's crazy hair ends and this pelt hat begins. We had a good laugh over that.

Errrrr....madame mustache? Weird.

Lexi took this picture for us. We had a wonderful time in Tombstone.

I think Miss Lexi Loo gets her personality from her father. They didn't plan the pose...they both just DID it. Thats a little scary.

One of the few things Lexi had on HER agenda was eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. We had lunch there and played the trivia games. Notice the top three? That would me ME in first place, John in second and Lexi in third. Woohooo

SE Arizona is full of old ghost towns. John and I had never been to any so we decided to take Lexi on a trip to Gleeson. After driving for what felt like HOURS down an old unpaved road we finally happened upon it...

I'd be surprised if there are still 100 people left in this town. We only saw signs of habitation in one or two spots!

Ruins in the ghost town.

We had to take Lexi to our favorite little artistic town called Bisbee. An old mining town built into the side of a mountain...Bisbee has narrow one way streets, hidden niches and is full of charm. The townspeople...well as Dick, the curator at the local historical society, said, "We don't have hippies anymore. They have all turned into ARTISTS."

Wahoo...the big B on the hillside means Bisbee.

In our favorite Bisbee shop - the metal works place. They have lots of interesting this skeleton chair. Wouldn't it look smashing in our living room?

A beautiful goddess image on one of the historic home sites

Daddy and daughter walking up a small street in Bisbee

The town is supposed to be haunted, but ghost love?

The copper mine

John and Lexi went to see a sanctuary built into the side of the hill near Sierra Vista. Its a beautiful location - of the Catholic persuasion - and quite interesting to visit and to see the various artifacts, relics and "stations of the cross" that they've built.

The Chapel, giant cross and giant Mary statue

Lexi taking a picture of a pretty tiled decoration

The day before she went home we all headed up to Old Tucson. We stopped in at Miss Kitty's Christmas show, ate some BBQ, watched the wild west shootout, walked around the park and then headed home early. Between the hot 70 degree weather and the long fun week we'd had everyone was ready to head home for some rest and relaxation.

What are they looking at?

The Cantina dancing girls from Miss Kitty's show thought Bella was a doll...and they thought she was Lexi's!

In an alleyway in Old Tucson's Chinatown

Is that a saloon she's feeding the baby in?

Miss Lexi onstage...does she belong anywhere else?

A natural!

On the trainride to nowhere...

Three of these people had tummy aches at this point. I'm surprised we made it around on the carousel even once!

Bella's first carousel ride...notice no pants? She'd already gone through two extra outfits from blowout diapers...gaaaah!

Bail me out of here...I want to go home!


Miss Debbie said...

What fun photos! It looks like you had such a great time. Good for Lexi too for having (almost) one-on-one time with you two. I am guessing she didn't mind sharing with Bella, or would that be, sharing Bella with you?

Looks like a wonderful time. I remember a tombstone there: Here lies Lester Moore, 4 slugs from a 44. No Les no more.

love you,
Miss Debbie

Jenny Tonks said...

You guys are the coolest parents ever! Yeah--fun trips and cute baby loves---'d spend a week of my vacation with you anyday!

The bottomless baby pics made me laugh--I'm up to packing about four outfits for my little guy these days . . . they should invent diapers that go up the back, LOL!