Monday, January 26, 2009

Our first playdate

We had our first playdate this weekend with the daughter of a dear friend of mine. Laura and I met in college at BYU our freshman year and we've seen each other infrequently over the past 15 seemed like we were always on different sides of the United States and until the stars aligned and the continents were in sync we just never were able to get together. Then...I moved to Arizona and if you can believe it...we're only a little over an hour away from each other. So, Laura brought her daughter over this weekend for Bella's first playdate.

Kalea (I hope I'm spelling her name right!) is so much more active than Bella...she crawls and grabs and Bella just kind of watched her...thenwould burp or spitup to show she got the gist of what Kalea was doing. Then Bella would wave her arms or coo and it would stop Kalea in her tracks. She'd just turn and stare at her. She also wasn't too happy to see her mama with another baby in her arms. Regardless, Laura and I are of the opinion that since we are such good friends these two will be also. They are only 5 months apart...isn't that just perfect!

Kalea showing her mature 7 month oldness while Bella throws a little fit...


LaDonnaMobile said...

Aww--how fun to see little Bella making friends already! :)

The Hansen Family said...

When are you going to fly down here to do a play date? Next week would work or us. Ethan and Beckham would looooooove it!!!! :-)