Saturday, December 13, 2008

Portland Trip in Pictures...

On our way!

Our little reindeer in the airport.

All together...

Meeting big sissy Lexi for the first time. Lexi was amazingly great with Bella. She took lots of initiative to hold her and take care of her...and didn't even mind her crying. Bella loved being with her big sissy.

Meeting big brother Eric for the first time. Eric pretended like he wanted absolutely nothing to do with Bella when they first arrived. Later that day when she was asleep in my arms he said, "Ok...I'm ready to hold her now." That was the start of a beautiful relationship. She fell asleep in his arms and won his little heart. Now he doesn't think having ANOTHER sister is all that bad.

Meeting big sissy Maddie for the first time. Maddie was so excited that her little sister was here. She wanted lots and lots of sissy time...and insisted that when bella was crying it was because she missed her big sissy. Bella's been crying lots these days...we hope her big sissy comes to visit again soon!

We'd win the father and son look alike contest.

The J's loving on their new cousin. They couldn't get enough of her.

Meeting Bop for the first time. Well, she actually met him in the airport for the first time...but she finally got to be held by her grandpa!

Happy 18th Birthday Lexi!

Happy 9th Birthday Eric!

His two favorite gifts - night vision goggles and a new basketball

We told the J's that Bella was practicing ninja moves when she's kick out her legs. They were amazed...and then one of them tried to ninja kick her back...aiya!

The lovely miss Lexi

Maddie's new journal entry..."I love my daddy so much. So far I'm having a wonderful time here. I am so happy."

Now she is writing on her "secret" page.

Just because you dare them doesn't mean they HAVE to do it...right?

Bella's first time in the snow!


The Hansen Family said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stand how stinking cute she is!
What an awesome Christmas w/ everyone together.

Jenny Tonks said...

What I loved best in this posting:

*Baby Bella in her reindeer suit (where *did* you find that?!)

*Sibling bonding--awwww, how sweet!

*Naked John in the snow (he ROCKS!)

*Baby bella in the snow (soak it up, AZ child!)

*How cute you look!

I am SO loving your blog, Anna! I don't even watch tv any more--just come here for entertainment! :)