Saturday, December 13, 2008


Last night we received a very strange call from Cruella's MOTHER...we'll call her GC. She offered to purchase plane tickets for John and I to fly to Portland THIS WEEKEND.

What's the catch?

She says the kids miss John...all little giggle talks about is Isabelly (as she calls her)...its a gift from Grandma to the kids, not us...yes she expects the tickets to be around $1000 each...

So I ask myself again...What's the catch?

She says there is no catch...she's just trying to give the kids a special gift for Christmas...

Pros - We get to see the kids, Isabella gets to meet her brother and sisters, aunts and uncles and cousins live there too...we'd get to see all of the extended family and friends we miss so much. We get to see snow at Christmas time (expecting 2 feet tomorrow!)

Cons - other than the obvious one of having Mr. C's ex-wife's MOTHER buy something so expensive for us....traveling at Christmas...missing out on our tree and home that is so festive. Traveling with an infant is going to be interesting...having to be ready to go by Friday night...aaaaaaah!

I can't help but think there is some way this will backfire....John will have to claim support or money from GC at the next support hearing or she'll suddenly try to "require" something from us if we accept the gift...

Or maybe she is just being generous as this is the season for giving?

Of course I can't say no to this...what an opportunity for John to see the kiddos. We thought we'd have to wait until summer time to see them again.

But, am I right to be suspicious or am I just being Scrooge?

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Ilaria said...

I think you should go!!! ...Hopefully it won't backfire later (keeping my fingers crossed)... Who can resist such a great opportunity to see family?! (But of course, I'm just jealous because I'd love for someone to call me up and offer us tickets to fly to Switzerland...) Ha, ha, ha!! :)

And you should take "traveling with an infant" off your cons list: I went to Switzerland with Aurora when she wasn't even 3 months old, and it was the EASIEST trip out of all the rest we've been on since. She ate and slept ALL THE WAY!!! Just make sure Isabella is sucking on something during take off and landing (I was nursing Aurora, so that worked really well for us).