Saturday, December 13, 2008

A mixing bowl of things and thoughts...

Two days ago squeaker turned 1 month old. I was in tears just thinking about quickly she is getting older! She is still so small...doesn't fit into anything but newborn clothing sizes...everyone keeps saying she'll chunk up in a month or so, but I just can't imagine it.

We have had so many generous gifts from our friends and family over the past couple of months. Thank you EVERYONE. Thank you notes are on the way if you haven't yet received them. Just yesterday we got two big boxes for Bella from her cousin Savannah. Savannah is just a few months older than Bella so she sent all her clothes she doesn't fit into and some she just had too many of. was like Christmas day. We just kept pulling outfit after outfit out of the box. We found about 6 outfits that will fit her some onesies. She'll be a styling little girl now.

Grandma Annie left for Phoenix yesterday. I was very sad to see her go. There is something about having your mom around when you just have a baby that makes it hard to say goodbye. Especially when you wake up from a nap to a scene like this...baking fresh cinnamon rolls, sitting by the oven and loving on the squeaker.

I realized later that we hadn't gotten a photo of the three of us while she was here...that made me all the more sad. Its the same with John's mom. I didn't think about the importance of the generational photos while they were here.

My brother and his family came to pick up grandma. It was fun to have them here...we had such a nice lazy day. We decorated sugar cookies, watched the movie, HOLES and went for a walk to get the mail and decided to dip all our toes in the hottub before going back home. Of course with three young children how can you NOT get wet when there is a hottub...even if your parents tell you NO?

While nursing the squeaker last night I just looked at our beautiful christmas tree and sang every carol I could think of. Funny how I've forgotten some of the words to carols I knew as a kid. I decided its time to brush up on the Christmas Carols so that I can sing them to Bella the way my mother used to sing them to me. Its important to me that my home is full of music.

I got a Fedex package on Thursday from my work. I received my FIVE YEARS OF SERVICE plaque. Wow....Have I really worked there for 5 years? How quickly time flies.

Right now Mr. C and Squeaker are taking a nap together. Its so cute...she's curled up behind his back and they are both just snoozing away. Its a beautiful Saturday morning. The Ft. Huachuca Winter Carnival/Family Fun Festival is today. I'm going to wake them up soon...Its time to enjoy the festivities that say CHRISTMAS!


The Hansen Family said...

Anna - what a fun little dollop of your life to read about. It makes me wish we lived closer.

Oh and by the way, you look beautiful as a new momma.

xoxoxo's from Texas

LaDonnaMobile said...

This is a precious picture of domestic bliss--I guess nine months of pain is worth it! :)

Roxy said...

Such a cute baby!! I know how much you miss your mom - I miss her too. Have a great Christmas! Roxy

Cothran Family said...

That is so sweet, Aaron and I sat at the piano Sunday night singing all the christmas songs we could. Love you guys so much. Wish we could spend the holidays together and meet your new lamb. Hey Anna, you and I could stay up till 3am playing water works or some other game since all the other kiddos couldn't stay up as long as us! Merry Christmas. Love you!

Jen said...

I don't think it's just having babies that makes us miss our moms. Anytime I have struggles I find that I just want my mom! Gotta love those grammas and all they wonderful things they are and do! You have such a beautiful baby!