Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Run Forest Run!

I am running.  I know.  So not like me.  But, my main goal while John is gone is to drop some weight.  I figure that with him away I have some extra time built in to focus on just me...and I better use it to the best of my ability.

So, I got up on Monday and put Bella in the stroller and ran.

And it was HARD.

I ran up a hill...I only ran for about 15 minutes...and then I let Bella out of the stroller and we walked back down the hill - stopping at the playpark - and finally getting back home 2 hours later.

Then on Tuesday I did it again...and today, Wednesday, I did it again.

And it is still HARD.

Right now I am a pitiful sight.  I am a terrible runner.  I should probably be embarrassed as all these trim military men come breezing by me, but I just really don't care.  I figure that they should be patting me on the back as they lap me 700 times because I'm out there instead of doing what I really want which is to be in my PJs still wallowing on the couch watching Oprah.

Actually, there have been quite a few thumbs up.  Military peeps are so supportive when it comes to physical fitness.  And every time I get one it makes me jog just a little farther the next time.  So, when you pass one of those sad looking overweight joggers (yeah...that would be me.) ...give them a thumbs up because you never know..that may be exactly what they need to spur them to get out there the next day and go again.


kajr said...

so proud of you! Wish I was there to give you a thumbs up!

Miss Debbie said...

Thumbs Up Anna!!! I am so proud of you - way to go!

Cothran Family said...

You rock Anna. I hate running and yet I do it 4 times a week. I don't run unless I have someone to meet me and I am held responsible for being there. So good on you for doing it by yourself, stroller and all. You seriously rock!

The Days of your Life said...

From your non-running sister....GO! GO! GO! We are supporting you every step of the way!
We will have to walk/run while we at mom's house!
Hang in there and keep it up!

Naranjal said...

You run up the hill! you are my hero!
I wish I have that energy or commitment, Keep it up, I think is great!

Barbara said...

Way to go Anna ...... Double "thumbs up". I never could get into running - so would find something else. Very proud of you. Keep it up.

YEA for Anna!!!

The Hansen Family said...

I am octowoman. I am part woman, part octopus, which gives me 8 arms and therefore, 8 thumbs. SO THERE! 8 thumbs up for you from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Anna, Go Anna, Go, Go, Go Anna! You are INCREDIBLE!!! Are you going to be our biggest loser?!?!?!?!?!?

Okee Martin Family said...

Yeah for you!!! I wish I could join you in Oct. with my stroller too! Keep it up!!!