Friday, June 04, 2010

Bella and the kitty kitty meow

Bella is in love with two things (other than her mama and )  Puppies...which I regularly blog about and kitty kitty meows.  In fact - if she is ever in the midst of a temper tantrum try singing "How much is that puppy in the window..."  Yes, I know the actual tune is doggy, but she likes puppy...  and in the middle of her tears and sobs she'll manage to let out a "bark bark" at the appropriate time.  Plus, we've added a second verse about how much is that KITTY in the window...the one with the fluffy white tail.  And yes, she knows to meooooooow at just the right time.

Anywho...Bella has spent lots of time with puppies, but kitty cats tend to be smarter than puppies.  When they see a toddler racing at them shouting meow meow they run..whereas a puppy who sees a toddler running toward them shouting bark bark bark tends to get excited and sticks around to be assaulted with lots of petting and eye jabs and tail pulling.

While in Garmisch we dined one day at a little restaurant that just happened to be entertaining a kitty cat.  And Bella got her first taste in loving on a kitty - including a bite on her hand...

The story (sortof...) 

I think I hear a kitty cat...thats what I said...I know your making noises just to mess with my head

You can stalk me all you want, but I'm not your prey...cause you always seem to find me first, but not today

Hey little meow meow what is with all the fight

little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite

Hey little meow meow  what is with all the fight

little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite

Thanks and props for some of the song from the YouTube favorite - The Mean Kitty Song.  Yes...its a white boy rapping about kitty cats.


The Days of your Life said...

How ironic your little one likes Cats! Meow! Do you still have that card we laughed about for YEARS!?!??! The one with the cat on it?
Grama Annie has some "bad cats" that Eleanor can tell you all about!
Big hugs to you right now! We love you!

Chuckleheads said...

Where's the TUNA! Oh heck yes I have that card and I still fall into fits of laughter when I think about it.