Sunday, June 27, 2010

Color! color! color!

I've got a little budding artist on my hands.  She loves to color!  And when she wants to color she runs around yelling color!  color!  color!  And then out comes the crayons and one of three coloring books - Dora the Explorer, My Little Pony or the Disney Princesses.

I've been fortunate up to this point to have her be so absorbed with the coloring books we haven't had to worry about this...

It would seem those days are over.  *sigh*  Today was the wall, a storybook, a table and a chair.  Time to pull out the "mama voice...." 

"Isabella!  We only color on the paper!"

Do you think it will work?

1 comment:

kajr said...

oh, no! LOL! My niece's prefered method was with lipstick.
Do you have access to a Magic Eraser?