Saturday, June 12, 2010

Field Day!

Friday marked ONE WEEK before the end of the school year for miss maddie and it also happened to be the school's field day.  All the students spent the entire day out on the school field playing games and competing.  Maddie was sososososososo excited about it she talked nonstop about field day for the entire week prior.  We preplanned her outfit and her hair and how we would put her water bottle in the freezer.  She spent hours describing the games she knew they would be playing as well as the ones she hoped they would be playing.

I had never seen a child quite so thrilled about spending a day running around like a maniac in the hot 90 degree sun.

And then it was Friday.

Bella and I went to visit her field day activities after we went for our run.  Bella was so thrilled to see her sister she just ran as fast as she could to her...

They were doing tricycle races on the tennis courts. 

When Maddie saw Bella she was so excited...and so were all her friends.  The girls couldn't keep their hands off her kisses and hugs and playing with her...

Maddie was having so much fun.  She came to give me a big hug and I had to stop her before she squished her new little was a little ladybug that seemed to be taking a ride on Maddie's shirt.

Unfortunately, we showed up right before lunch so some of Maddie's friends piled in for a field day photo and then they took off for lunch

So Bella and I headed home to have some lunch too... and a big nap... and a big slurp of water.


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