Sunday, June 06, 2010


I tried and tried to come up with a witty title...but the reality is that there is no witty titles for sending your main squeeze off to a war zone for a year.

John departed at the end of last week.  I realized the time was finally here on Tuesday.  That was a sad sad day.  I think I cried about 20 of the 24 hours that day.  Over everything...about everything... and then on Wednesday I thought I had dried myself out...what a surprise when it started all over again...apparently the off switch on my eyeblobs is broken...because while the tears are fewer and farther between its amazing how the littlest thing will set me off yet again.

Like Bella running from her room in the morning and looking for him shouting, Daddy!  Hi Daddy!  Dadddeeeeeeee!

Or Maddie's sweet drawing and note she brought home that first day, "Don't cry mom...he's only gone for a year."

Or folding up those last few clothing items of his that I finished washing this weekend and putting them away in his very empty side of the closet...

Gaaaaaahhhhhh....where is that off switch again?

Thursday morning he walked out the door at 4:30AM and left me in a puddle on the floor.  I must have been emoting because Bella woke up at 5AM and had to snuggle with me... Ok...I actually appreciated those snuggles...and I promise I didn't pinch her or anything to make it happen.

He was in transit Thursday, Friday and Saturday and I just received a short text message saying he's arrived in Afghanistan...  His first impression?  It smells like a sewer and he is really missing home right now.

Home misses you too, Babe.

Deployed. From this word you can also spell deep, loped, ploy, doy, peed... All words I think we can either eliminate from our vocab or find a replacement for...I'm voting the word deployed off the island.


Cothran Family said...

Oh Anna, you turned on the faucet over here too. Oh Anna, we love you guys. We will be praying for John and for you and your sweet girls. Oh Anna. You are stronger than I could ever be. Love you.

The Days of your Life said...

OK! I can barely write this because my heart is aching for you right now. All I had to do was see the word and see the picture of him by the flag and I got teary and patriotic and everything else. Then to see your tears....that sent me over the edge. No one should have to say good-bye to their sweetheart, let alone for an entire year. I'm voting the word off the island too!
We love you. More than you know. We love him and he will be in our daily, constant prayers. I'm sending a million big sister hugs to you right now and every day for a year! Love you sis!

Miss Debbie said...

Ditto, ditto and ditto to what Eliza and Jenna said....... so very much emotion, that it is hard to read this... I love you all so much, and will pray for your comfort and peace and John's safety. (((***))) Giant hugs to you all.

elizzyb said...

Oh my poor honey. Remember you have a room waiting for you in south florida, I'll dry up those tears or shed some more with you!!!

Okee Martin Family said...

I just want to wrap my arms around you.. Lots of love to you and your girls and your sweet man who's always in our prayers.
Love you

Barbara said...

You are in my prayers ..... tears were shed as I read this ....know that our heavenly father will keep him safe and give you the strength that you need.

Put up a calendar and put a huge smiley face on the day he will return - then mark off each day until he gets home and back in your arms where he belongs.

Love you

Anonymous said...

(Jenn here) Your eyes speak a thousand words, Anna. Thank you for posting and keeping it real. Strong is well and good, but some good, down-home cryin' is definitely called for. We love you guys. By the way, I came up with another word from "deployed" ... yodel! You've got a year to pick up some yodeling to surprise John! You're in a great locale for some lessons. Teach us some at the reunion, okay? Love, Jenn (Ashton)