Monday, January 26, 2009

My attempt at art...

I've entitled it "Walk with daddy" simply because thats what they were doing.

Our first playdate

We had our first playdate this weekend with the daughter of a dear friend of mine. Laura and I met in college at BYU our freshman year and we've seen each other infrequently over the past 15 seemed like we were always on different sides of the United States and until the stars aligned and the continents were in sync we just never were able to get together. Then...I moved to Arizona and if you can believe it...we're only a little over an hour away from each other. So, Laura brought her daughter over this weekend for Bella's first playdate.

Kalea (I hope I'm spelling her name right!) is so much more active than Bella...she crawls and grabs and Bella just kind of watched her...thenwould burp or spitup to show she got the gist of what Kalea was doing. Then Bella would wave her arms or coo and it would stop Kalea in her tracks. She'd just turn and stare at her. She also wasn't too happy to see her mama with another baby in her arms. Regardless, Laura and I are of the opinion that since we are such good friends these two will be also. They are only 5 months apart...isn't that just perfect!

Kalea showing her mature 7 month oldness while Bella throws a little fit...

She's their biggest fan...

Have I mentioned yet that they are doing a second tour???

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2 month shots people should be banned from talking about traumatic baby things when new baby mamas are around. I'm on a stepmom site where someone posed the question about vaccinations and its link to autism then proceeded to tell a story about a 2 month old that got vaccinations done and then almost immediately after started exhibiting signs of autism and now has been fully diagnosed.

Bella was scheduled for her 2 month vaccinations today. So, when I went into the immunization clinic on base I grilled the nurse about what she thought. She said it was very rare, the link between the two was an opinion with no factual basis and that she thought Bella should have the shots.

So she did. And those needles were HUGE for a baby. She cried...that open mouthed sobbing scream and that made me there we were in the little exam room and the poor nurse trying to comfort me and I'm trying to comfort Bella...

We survived the 2 month shots, but I can't believe I have to do this again in 2 months. Gaaaah!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First full day back to work

Today was my first full day back to work. It was harder than I thought it would be to concentrate on what I needed to do. Bella was really good. She slept a lot...I probably over-nursed her to help keep her happy... and she learned to love her swing just a little bit more.

I ended up having to spend quite a bit of time on the phone so she's also getting used to more noise than normal for her naptime. How long do you think my boss will find it "cute" to hear baby squawks when we are on the phone? Anywho...I tried to lay her down in the bedroom so she could sleep in relative quiet, but she'd wake up and fuss after about 3 minutes...maybe she sensed that something was different and she just needed to be near me a little more than least thats my story and I'm sticking to it. :)

The pink dress...

Oh she just looked so cute I couldn't resist taking pictures. She is a model for a photographer tomorrow AM...this photographer wants to take photos of babies to practice for when her sister delivers in a few months. She's from Portland and just moved to Ft. Huachuca...just like us!

I'll post the other ones tomorrow, but until then...feast your eyes...

Just a little grin for you.

Showing off my tootsies

Is it just me or does my hair have red in it?

See my pretty blue eyes?

This is me asking if we're almost done with this photo session...

Holding the toy that big sissy Maddie gave to me. Its so snuggly!

C'mon can do better than a burp rag as the background...even if I am Spitup McGee.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

To work or not to work...

I got the nicest compliment today. Because we lost our Oregon contract I have been pretty unsure about my employment status. Well...Monday the pink slips went out the door to the 7 employees left in OR. The only exceptions to this layoff were myself and the Portland office manager.

Today, I had a long conversation with my boss about options. I laid it all out on the line for him...moving to Germany, possibly not being able to travel, having the baby around, etc...

He said, "Listen...I'll be as flexible as I possibly can. If I can keep you as an employee that is my number 1 goal. I can't guarantee anything, but I don't want to lose you."

WOW...I guess I can count that as a positive vote of confidence in my abilities as an employee.

So, I've got some info I'm waiting to hear back from HR on, but it looks like I'm getting the BEST of both worlds. I stay employed at my current salary, etc., but I get to take as much time off as I want/need for Bella AND he sees this lasting through a move to Germany.

Go figure...

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I am a single mom for the next month or so. Shhhh...don't tell anyone...John's in SPY SCHOOL.

Actually, he's just working really long days AND weekends for the next couple of months and I am a little grumpy about it right now. that off my chest. Am feeling better now.

Second grump...I do believe I'm going to be out of a job soon. Things are NOT looking good there. Must figure out my next move. I was supposed to go off disability last week, but that didn't I've got to have a plan of action...should I play hardnose and DEMAND work since its against the law for them to fire me right off disability?

Probably won't do that...I like my boss too much, but still....I don't want this junkola weighing on my mind.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy 2 month birthday smiley!

Yesterday on Bella's 2 month birthday we decided to take a long walk for a birthday treat. It was 70 degrees outside. I had on a jacket and had to take it, off we go on our walk to the end of the street...when we get there I see a trail that I'd been wondering about. So, feeling adventerous we head out on the trail. This whole time I'm on a conference call for work so I'm not really paying good attention.

On our walk...

Suddenly I realize I have no clue where I am. I'm not totally lost because I can see houses and all that around me, but I'm a little lost because I don't remember how to get back to MY street.

What I see when looking around for the road back home...

So, we improvise and end up coming out of the desert walk in a SCARY part of Sierra Vista. I'm talking about boarded up trailer park houses, large dogs that bark madly at you and strain their heavy duty chains to try and eat you up and back alleys where I was sure I'd find a body...

Boarded up trailer...

So, I call my dear friend Stephiloulou and tell her that if she loses me on the phone to immediately call 9-1-1 and tell them I was on Twilight street. (such a pretty name for a scary place) Then she helped me find my way home...about 30 more minutes of walking...

Our little walk ended up to be a two and 1/2 hour adventure that won me "mother of the year" award as I came totally unprepared to change diapers, feed baby or simply to walk as far as we did. That being said...I realize my little off-road trek was a stupid move that I won't be repeating anytime soon without my manly man next to me to act as body guard.

Now after that charming short story, I ALSO want to wish my sweet nephew Beckham a happy 2 month birthday today. He was born 15 hours after Bella. What fun to have a literal "same age cousin!"

And, to top it all off, I finally had a camera when Bella was practicing her gorgeous grin and I got it on film! She still doesn't have full control of when her little face lights up with this great smile, but she's practicing it an awful lot lately. I LOVE it. See the following 2 kabillion photos as I couldn't choose just ONE.

You want me to what?


Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I have that old song going through my head...

Feelings, nothing more than feelings
Trying to forget my feelings of love
Teardrops rolling down on my face
Trying to forget my feelings of love

I think I'm just being emotional, but tomorrow I start work again and its tearing me up inside...what if...what if I miss Bella too much. I know I work from home, but I can't spend every minute I want WITH her. What if she needs me and I have work obligations...even worse...what if she doesn't need me and is just fine.

I don't want to miss even one minute of her life...she's growing up so fast. She just graduated from newborn diapers to size ones. Its breaking my heart!


Tell me this is just hormones.

Tagging for 6

Apparently I got tagged to post my 6th picture in my 6th electronic picture folder and I also have to tag 6 friends to do the same...Ila, Jenny, Cousin Jen, my sisters Jenna and Emma and Tina Marie...

Auntie Kris saying goodbye to Bella before she left Arizona and headed home. She's getting deployed soon. We'll miss her!

The Martins came, played and went back to Oklahoma

They were just passing through, but we got the pleasure of my sister and her husband and their two adorable kids as they were on their way back to Oklahoma. Not only did we have a great time just catching up, but it gave Bella a chance to meet even MORE of her cousins and have some auntie and uncle time.

It was just too much fun watching all these little ones together. Margie is 3 and was enamored with "Baby Ella" and Jacob at 18 months was a little frustrated that mommy was holding a baby other than himself. That being said...they brought with them gripe water (apparently the end all to sour baby tummies...I've still got to test it.) and a bunch of good advice such should put up your the way did you know you can do THIS with it?

Plus mama (me) was saved a blowout diaper change when Auntie Becca just went ahead and took care of it....WOAH...that doesn't ever happen around here with just the two of us normally.

So, that being said...a few pictures to commemorate our time together. **note that the camera is not taking great photos these days...must get that looked at.**

Margie feeding Bella a bottle and Jakey just wanting to be part of the party!

Sweet Margie helping calm down her "Baby Ella" with sweet kisses and whispers

Jakey checking out the swing...he was hoping he was still little enough to fit in it.

Uncle John and Uncle Dan feasting on wings and ribs

Margie chewing on some celery...she kept missing one little string that couldn't seem to make it in her mouth.

Jakey's great smile...

Two pretty girls - Auntie Becca with Baby Bella

Uncle John reading stories before bedtime

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

One of my resolutions is a walk a day with Bellina. This is supposed to help me get back in the swing of exercising...taking the baby for a walk in the stroller is a good start...gets us out of the house...which also means I have to actually get dressed AND she loves being outdoors!

Yesterday I took Bella to the local park to check out Christmas - Sierra Vista style. They have all these wooden Santas up in the park. I was really glad they hadn't taken them down yet as I really wanted to see them up close. It was FREEZING cold. I bundled up in my coat and Bell in about 700 blankets and we walked around looking at them. These were a couple of my favorites...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lexi's trip to Arizona in pictures!

We had the great pleasure of Miss Lexi Loo coming to visit us all by herself for a whole week after Christmas. She did get snowed in and her first flight cancelled, but managed to fly out of portland about 24 hours later. We had such a great time with her.

The first thing we did when she arrived was made her open her Christmas gift...

Then, of course we put her to work bathing the baby...actually, she asked to do it. She was so excited to see her little sister again!

We had to take her to Tombstone...only the most famous of old west locations...funny that she'd never even HEARD of boot hill...what do they teach kids in history class these days? Am I really that old?

Ain't she the cutest ever in this fur hat?

The best part is you can't tell where Lexi's crazy hair ends and this pelt hat begins. We had a good laugh over that.

Errrrr....madame mustache? Weird.

Lexi took this picture for us. We had a wonderful time in Tombstone.

I think Miss Lexi Loo gets her personality from her father. They didn't plan the pose...they both just DID it. Thats a little scary.

One of the few things Lexi had on HER agenda was eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. We had lunch there and played the trivia games. Notice the top three? That would me ME in first place, John in second and Lexi in third. Woohooo

SE Arizona is full of old ghost towns. John and I had never been to any so we decided to take Lexi on a trip to Gleeson. After driving for what felt like HOURS down an old unpaved road we finally happened upon it...

I'd be surprised if there are still 100 people left in this town. We only saw signs of habitation in one or two spots!

Ruins in the ghost town.

We had to take Lexi to our favorite little artistic town called Bisbee. An old mining town built into the side of a mountain...Bisbee has narrow one way streets, hidden niches and is full of charm. The townspeople...well as Dick, the curator at the local historical society, said, "We don't have hippies anymore. They have all turned into ARTISTS."

Wahoo...the big B on the hillside means Bisbee.

In our favorite Bisbee shop - the metal works place. They have lots of interesting this skeleton chair. Wouldn't it look smashing in our living room?

A beautiful goddess image on one of the historic home sites

Daddy and daughter walking up a small street in Bisbee

The town is supposed to be haunted, but ghost love?

The copper mine

John and Lexi went to see a sanctuary built into the side of the hill near Sierra Vista. Its a beautiful location - of the Catholic persuasion - and quite interesting to visit and to see the various artifacts, relics and "stations of the cross" that they've built.

The Chapel, giant cross and giant Mary statue

Lexi taking a picture of a pretty tiled decoration

The day before she went home we all headed up to Old Tucson. We stopped in at Miss Kitty's Christmas show, ate some BBQ, watched the wild west shootout, walked around the park and then headed home early. Between the hot 70 degree weather and the long fun week we'd had everyone was ready to head home for some rest and relaxation.

What are they looking at?

The Cantina dancing girls from Miss Kitty's show thought Bella was a doll...and they thought she was Lexi's!

In an alleyway in Old Tucson's Chinatown

Is that a saloon she's feeding the baby in?

Miss Lexi onstage...does she belong anywhere else?

A natural!

On the trainride to nowhere...

Three of these people had tummy aches at this point. I'm surprised we made it around on the carousel even once!

Bella's first carousel ride...notice no pants? She'd already gone through two extra outfits from blowout diapers...gaaaah!

Bail me out of here...I want to go home!