Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its official...

...we're off to Germany. John has to report by April 13th. I am SO EXCITED.

So, here'is a little bit of information about our new home...

Vilseck, a major training center, has been described as the "school house" for the US Army, Europe. Transition training and fielding of new equipment is its most visible mission. It is located about 30 miles west of the Czech Republic border.

Vilseck is located in the state of Bavaria (Bayern) approximately 60 miles from Nuernberg. Vilseck is one of the most charming military installations in Germany.
Families assigned to Vilseck enjoy this peaceful, rural farming community of gently sloping hills and meadows, surrounded by 35 small villages/hamlets built on lands cleared hundreds of years ago. The area abounds with many lakes suitable for great fishing.

Vilseck derived its name from the once alone standing fortress (Burg) Dagestein on the Vils river. This castle is probably one of the oldest in the whole Oberpfalz.

Quick tidbits...
1. Population is about 6,500.
2. Population of Army base is 10,000
3. 4,500 of Army population live in Vilseck villages, but aren't counted in the population so actual size of city is about 10,000.
3. There is a train station and bus station
4. I found a list of restaurants - 1 Chinese, 3 Greek, 3 Italian and 15 German eating establishments
5. I also found a list of amenities in the city - 3 grocery stores, 3 bakeries, 5 butcher, 1 hardware store, 2 flower stores, an office supply store, 2 souvenir shops with household ware, 3 shoe stores, 3 beauty/barber shops and 2 cosmotolegists, a German post office, 4 banks and two night clubs
6. You can find out more and meet the 1st mayor of Viseck here... http://www.vilseck.de/english/index1.htm


Mosley Family said...

Okay... I am officially jealous! You are going to have such a great time. That is super exciting! I'm coming to visit!

TricotChico said...


I need to get my passport! Are there trains from Vilseck to Milan?