Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Two - Phoenix to Las Vegas

Day two took us from Phoenix to Las Vegas. Before heading out we stopped and had breakfast with our friend Alicia. She got to meet Bella for the first time!

It was fun to head out on the road, but I wasn't sure how Bella would do in a car for so long...besides it was raining! Since when does it rain in Phoenix? Did this have to happen on the day we headed out? It was nice to have some moisture, but I was wishing it would have happened on a different day.

Blue-ish Skies of Arizona

Dark Clouds Forming

Rain Rain Go Away!

Suddenly I started looking around and I realized that MapQuest had taken me on what I would call a roundabout way to get to Nevada...we ended up on some back highway where we passed Nothing...Thats right...the town called Nothing. I think that symbolizes exactly where we were in all senses of the word.

We had to stop on the side of the road when Bella woke up. It was pretty interesting nursing in the front seat of the car with her...we had a good time though and played there for over an hour before getting started again. The wind was blowing SOOOO hard. It was crazy.

We loved driving past Hoover Dam again. Stopped here for another few minutes and some loving since Bella needed a rest from her car seat.

We managed to make it to Las Vegas...

...and spent the evening with our dear friend Amber. She put us up in her spare bedroom and we had so much fun just hanging out. Bella was awful barfy that day. Amber cracked me up when she made the comment (in a most serious voice...) "You've got to get this barfing under control by age 2...Baby bulemia is very serious." HA HA HA...I love her sense of humor.

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Anonymous said...

Where *does* miss Bella get those serious looks for the camera?? Too funny--she looks like the baby on "Willow," as if she knew too much!