Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Three - Las Vegas to Orem!

Today was an incredible day of driving. We headed out at around 11AM - as soon as Bellina was asleep. I had a feeling it wouldn't last very long since she hadn't nursed for awhile so I knew we'd have to stop for a snackity snack pack.

Look how beautiful the road out of Las Vegas is...

We hit the winding roads when Bella woke up and got REALLY MAD REALLY QUICK.

Luckily we were only about 15 miles from Mesquite and stopped at Quiznos for a little soup in a bread bowl and a bum change and snack time.

Shortly after leaving Bella fell asleep and soon we found ourselves in Utah! Hoorah for driving really fast. We hit snow fairly quickly, but the roads were clear...

...then about an hour out I got the phone call from mom..."There is a whiteout here in'll be hitting terrible weather really soon." I didn't really believe her as what I saw was some dark clouds on a sunny day...

Sure 30 minutes to Orem and still no snow I knew I was in the clear. I also knew I was going to give mom a really hard time about that "whiteout." I looked down and noticed the car's gas light was on...only 15 miles? I can make it! Bella was starting to snuffle around in the back...she'd slept for a full 4 hours. What a blessing. I figured I'd run out of gas and she'd wake up just as we pulled into mom's.

2.5 miles before the exit the car started sputtering and lurching. OH CRAP...I'm running out of gas. At the EXACT same moment Bella let out a wail. Gaaaaaaaaaah!

I put on my hazards and sputtered my way .5 miles to the University exit and coasted into the gas station right off the exit. Bella settled down and I breathed a sigh of relief that I hadn't stalled on the side of the road. What a nightmare.

We pulled into Grandma Annie and Pagahs right on time. Hoorah! We're here!

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Anonymous said...

holy guardian gasoline angels! Don't you scare me like that again!

P.S. I'm totally stealing your phrase, cuz I'm a walking "snackity snack pack" myself, LOL!