Monday, February 16, 2009

Celebrations everywhere!

Today, Friday, February 13th is...

**Alana's 7th Birthday
**Grandma Annie's 1/2 birthday
**Grandma Annie and Pagah's 1/2 Anniversary
**Bella's 3 month birthday

What a great time we had!

Alana's big party!

Bella and Pagah just hangin' out...

Birda telling Bella happy 3 months today!

Hello! I'm 3 months old today!


Jen said...

She is such a doll!!! Oh how I wish we still lived in Utah so I could see that sweet baby and shnarf with her!!!

Are you up for a little trip north? You could see Karlee and me!!! WOO HOO!! You know, it's only about 3 1/2 hours!!!!

Cothran Family said...

Are those shoes on our kitchen table? Happy 3 months Bella- no learning special tricks till you see the Cothrans, you hear?!!!!