Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Then and now...

I had a funny thought today.  I was thinking back to the year 2000...Actually, the year 1999 when it was going to become the year 2000 and there was all that speculation about what would happen with the change of the century...  There was widespread panic about computers crashing, missiles spontaneously ejecting themselves toward Russia/China/Middle East, bank accounts looted, stockmarkets crashing, and packs of wild dogs roaming the streets of Orem, Utah.

Yes...thats right...my mother was absolutely certain that there would be packs of wild dogs roaming the streets...And no...we have NEVER let her live that one down.

But, the reality is that we all got to live through something that is pretty cool...the change in a century!  And, if you are at least my age...the 80's...which is almost as cool as a change in the century.

Thinking back...I never ever would have guessed that today I would be sitting in Germany with a soldier for a husband, two kids under my roof, driving a subaru.  I even eat brocolli these days...which is a big deal for me.  I was absolutely certain that brocolli was the vegetable of Satan. 

Oh how wrong we can be...kind of like those packs of maurading dogs...right mom? 

I also never thought I (my life, my hopes, my dreams, my past) would be so transparently available to anyone and everyone via a written blog...  Of course...I also was alive and mostly grown up before Al Gore invented the internet...so its not like I was able to dream of being a blogger one day.

Which brings me to my blog...

Remember a while back when I mentioned that I wanted to upgrade my blog...make it a little fancier...try and get it noticed just a little more.  Well, I've slowly been researching and attempting to discover exactly what it is that will push me from the intimate circle of readers I now enjoy...out into the vast blogosphere...

In particular, perhaps you've noticed my OCD/ADD changes in my blog backgrounds.  I cannot find one that fits ME.  I think I've tried about 50 different backgrounds over the past week...and I've ended up with black and white because black goes with everything...right?

I'm just alerting you to the fact that you'll be seeing quite a few changes happening over the next few weeks...  Don't worry - I'm trying to make it easy to navigate.  No fancy things you HAVE to click, although if you happened to love me enough to click them or rate me or vote for me I'd surely appreciate it.

Plus, if you haven't noticed I've added "pages" to the top...I'll be adding a few more so keep an eye out.

And...if you have any suggestions or comments they would be greatly appreciated.  Even the ones that are considered "constructive feedback"...I promise not to pout or send you hate mail.  Not even anonymously.

And I promise not to sic any packs of wild dogs on you either.


kajr said...

The b/w pictures at the top are great!

The Hannant Family said...

Nice. I like the background it's cute. I don't really think it's you though. Where are you finding all your cute backgrounds. I'm blog challenged. Help me friend.

Your background, needs to be artsy and cute and bold and happy all at once. Good luck finding it. Loves.

Miss Debbie said...

I like this look a lot, but it isn't 'you', or my perception of you.

I'll bet when John is home you don't write - you won't have time to!!

http://www.sandicrafts.com said...

As a more "mature" reader, I have difficulty reading white on black.. even though I'm enjoying the other changes.