Monday, January 24, 2011

I know you are but what am I...

Remember when you were like 26 8 years old and would taunt your brothers and sisters mercilessly with snappy comebacks like, "I know you are but what am I?", or "If you love it, marry it..." And my personal favorite from some joke book my sister brought home one day...

"A jerk is a tug, a tug is a boat, a boat goes in water, water is nature and nature is beautiful so thank you for the compliment."

Yeah - memorize THAT one for the next time someone calls you a jerk...

Along with those taunts (at least in my childhood dwelling) came the numerous face twisting grimaces with tongues askew and eyes crossed and fingers stretching your cheeks to appear the most hideous you possibly could be just to Drive. In. Your. Point.

Because at 8- getting the point across was very important.

And what did you mother say to you?

"If you keep making that face...(say it with me now...) your face is going to freeze that way."

I never really believed my mom that  face could do that...and then I grew up and became an actual adult. (shudder...)

And I started reading blogs and one in particular caught my eye and has been a favorite read ever since.

Attack of the Redneck Mommy is funny and serious and very real and sometimes a little crass and she's made me laugh outloud and cry buckets of tears.  And in my little world thats the makings of a good blog. 

Today she wrote about her third-born who didn't live very long in this world and was born with a frozen face.  Just like my mama told me...  Only her little guy didn't get it from making faces.  He was simply born into the world that way.

Its called Moebius Syndrome...and her blog today is very much worth I'm passing along the fact that today is National Awareness for Moebius Syndrome...and if you take a gander - go read about Shale who, "never blinked, never smiled, never frowned."

And then make it a point to smile today.


Cothran Family said...

I read that beautiful blog post. Amazing. Really made me realize what I do have!

TheMuffinMom said...

Awesome blog! You will definitely want to link up with Carole Barker's blog--she is the author of one of the most harrowing anti-Dad custody battles ever waged (yet he won!) and now helps other fathers by chronicling their custody strategies in a blog that is like the follow-up to her amazing book: